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Old Greece

In such a way, it was necessary to define and to characterize the myth; to present the sprouting of the philosophy; to analyze the linkings of the philosophy with science; to argue the importance of myths for psychology; beyond citing and explaining the myth and the complex of dipo. The research was carried through following a bibliographical method, that consists to present, in reference form, the set of publications and being used for the elaboration of the same one. Taking for theoretical recital some books and articles, of where necessary fichamentos readings and for the apprehension of the subject had been carried through. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL the word myth presents diverse meanings, therefore it is important to clarify that here the myth will be treated as ' ' … the story of an event occurred in the primordial time, by means of interventions of beings sobrenaturais' ' (BRANDO, 1997, p.35). According to Johann (1997), the myth was the first manifestation of the archaic societies in the search for saciar the doubts about the natural phenomena and the events of its proper existence. However, ' ' …

the Philosophy, perceiving the contradictions and limitations of myths, was reformulating and rationalizing the narratives mticas' ' (CHAU, 1999, P. 31). Thus, a process was initiated gradual of transformation of knowing. If representing for a series of circles concentrical, from the exterioridade of the periphery for the interioridade of the center, we will see that the process for which the rational thought took ownership of the world if carries through in the form of a gradual penetration that goes of the deepest and interior exterior spheres for, until arriving, with Scrates and Plato, to the center, wants to say, to the soul (JAEGER, 2001, p.192). It is possible to notice that the philosopher, in Old Greece, for being who dominates the thought rational, is also who dominates knowing scientific, becoming it linking between the philosophy and science.