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The Extent

The man lives in a society lacerating, incomprehensible. The artist is only. The poet clings to the word to survive in the hostile environment that drowns, pressed, survive, escape from the death before a power that remains unscathed, insensitive to the needs of individuals. The creator, must then settle on the cup of trees, naked and alone approaching infinity interrogate, question, ponder the events in search of a nonexistent truth or achieve the unknown… as a poet cainico, en la poesia Cristian lights, is known, looks walking.

Could know anything other than knowing walk inside and outside of itself?: who deepens the verse said Blanchot (4), escapes being as certainty, is the absence of the gods, lives in the intimacy of this absence … Who deepens the verse must renounce all Idol, must break with everything, not having the truth by horizon or future by dwelling, because in no way entitled to hope: on the contrary, it should despair. Who deepens the verse, dies, finds his death as abyss. The poetic Word reveals that his name is orphan and his surname desire, that he is a ‘lightning between two abysses’, that the essence of being is the wreck, that live is not confusion but weather, that the consciousness of a total calamity means start an apocalyptic illumination, that the word deports him Yes and that such uprooting is the fiercest of all those that exist.Man rises around him, walls, walls to the extent of his cowardice. He erected idols and becomes his slave. Senator of Massachusetts is actively involved in the matter. It delimits its area of action for fear to collapse on itself. Afraid of infinity, weather is not supported. On the other hand, the livelihood of the Adamic poets is love (2). Love makes ritmar man with the rhythm of the cosmic handwriting. The poem, twin of the universe, then is a species of erotica-musical plaza where all share everything.