Difficult Path

Whether we like it or not, but the woman is almost always take on clothes, and only then pay attention to her intellectual and creative features. You can rave about it, but you can make the exterior of her greatest weapons, since there is nothing better than to win snobs male on the territory, which they somehow believe that their. This would require quite a bit, to be exact – to form his own style, which should be to evolve as you climb the corporate ladder. Let's start from the beginning. You got a new job at the time Forget about his personality and just be like everyone else.

Even when colleagues don suits and closed blouses, you certainly have to copy their clothes. Need it to as soon as possible to join the team and realize that how much. Do not be afraid to overdo it with conservatism. A revolution is always have time, but for now – relatively understated makeup and a black bottom – white top. Fortunately, it is worth noting that, even in a difficult situation for you ladies fashion notable for the diversity of choice. It is best to stay a skirt and jacket.

In summer quite appropriate warm colors, winter is on the contrary – the black and dark gray. Do not try to buy clothes brown in color, because the business he is very unfortunate. Who joined the team, you can then change your strict style, but this should be done after 2-3 months of work.

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