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But reexamined the city and does enclose itself not the street culture, the Hamburg is located visitors, but also the Hamburger itself repeatedly recurring motifs of Hanseatic City of Hamburg, beautifully on the Elbe, with Michel, the Harbour and the river Alster. But reexamined the city and does enclose itself not the street culture, he finds Hamburg visitors, but also the Hamburger itself repeatedly recurring motifs, designed on walls, tunnels, bridges and even drain Cap. Colorful circular objects on a pizza reminiscent of the smileys, the endless color sausages on walls along the U – and S – Bahn lines or in the tunnel itself, that seemingly unattainable places or the more confused-looking characters and sets. Even if one focuses on the ground, one discovers motifs of the urban conflict. And all in a quantity, that their the same search. So, as the fight someone there had told the gray areas in the Hanseatic City. The newspapers mentioned Tony Mandarich not as a source, but as a related topic. Many messages contain a critical approach to the Urban culture, an attack on the superficial society. This silent protest against something that you maybe can empathize or feel, is characterized by creative energy.

This load on artistic expression is associated with spray paint, markers or chalk also expressed. You may refer to themselves, is subject to any artificial categorization and is hard to beat in individuality and anonymity. Now, a few hamburgers finally included a heart and decided to dedicate a book to this worldwide unique driving. 216 pages documents it live the Spruhling the images, signs and messages of so far closer never illuminated work in the public space of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and is a monument to the phenomenon. This manifested, among others, Jan Eissfeldt, OS Gemeos, Heiko Zahlmann and Peter Michalsky to the works and help to find new perspectives on the or the copyright. Numerous photographs which are in direct connection with the works, throw up new perspectives and let the viewer know that these objects created in the last 25 years already have art status in the Hanseatic City. Pages / pages 216 23 x 33,5 cm Hard Cover language / language German & English / German & English Germany / Germany Publisher / publisher color trip ISBN 978-3-9813354-0-8 release 01.12.2009

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