Natural Park Of Sierra Nevada

The municipalities that are integrated Berchules, Bubion, Busquistar, Capileira, Juviles, La Taha, Portuguese and Trevelez highest town in Spain with its 1750 meters. In the town of Trevelez is the Regulatory Board, which was established in 1992 and is responsible with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia and the Ministry of Agriculture, the quality control and promotion of the sector. The development of this product from the Alpujarra was officially recognized in 1862, during the reign of Elizabeth II, who granted the privilege of sealing in these hams the royal seal, a distinction of quality that was reserved for very few products of the time. There are now companies with more than 50 years of history behind developing this type of ham.

This Andalusian dish has a special uniqueness, resulting from the climate of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and the weather conditions in the localities, with Trevelez, composed of the municipalities adhere to the PGI. We are in an area where winters are cold and dry, and in summer the temperature is very high, factors that make the enjoyment of ham Trevelez differential qualities of the other hams in the country. The cattle suitable for the preparation of hams from white pigs Trevelez are obtained in crossbred Landrace, Large White and Duroc Jersey. The Specific Designation requires that the process of production takes place in the area mentioned above, but does not impose any requirement on the place of raising them. Healing takes place in natural conditions and is only used sea salt, without any other artificial additives and no preservatives NO, which is a quality factor. After the healing process the hams are rounded shape, keeping the crust and the leg. The ham should have a reduction of approximately 35% compared to their fresh weight.

If that percentage is not reached, the healing time will exceed the minimum three months for each of the categories. He presents a red and shiny when cut, partially infiltrated fat in muscle mass. The flesh has a delicate, slightly salty (another of his main signs of identity, for their healthy condition: thus, some people are called a The more dulcesa hams ), while fat, creamy consistency and brilliant has a yellowish white color and a pleasant taste. Trevelez a hams are classified into three categories: a First, the healing period lasts between 14 and 17 months and hams acquire a final weight of 7 kg. a Second, with a healing period between 17 and 20 months and a final weight of 8 kg. a Third, a healing period between 20 and 24 months and a final weight of 9 kg. The hams are Trevelez DE with an identifying label provided by the Control Board indicating the healing time of the piece. More information:.

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