Natural Parquet

Flooring – beautiful and comfortable floor. It consists of three layers of natural wood. The upper layer parquet – made from solid wood, as a rule, fine wood, its thickness is 4-8mm. Then comes the second layer of more available wood species, mostly coniferous trees. This layer is perpendicular to the upper layer.

The third layer – it's plywood. Many of the Parquet, and yet once the fashion for this cover came from France. Floorboards are produced in factories, in the form of panels, their width is 18 cm, length – 2 meters. Polish their cover at the factory. Of the advantages of this type of coverage you can highlight the undoubted quality.

The tree gives the unique interior. Flooring, in contrast to the parquet, easy to install. This option is cheaper than the parquet, and its styling is also more economical. Coverage can restore over time. The disadvantage is Note particularly styling, if you use a "floating" method. It is unprofitable, as flooring can be deformed with time.

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