Nursing Inefficacious Respiratory Standard

Familiar processes Modified Definition: Psicossociais functions, physiological spirituals and of the familiar unit are disorganized. Defining characteristics: Diminished physical contact. 4.3 – Interventions of Nursing Inefficacious Respiratory Standard? To locate you twist to optimize them gaseous; – To place lying when possible, therefore this position results in one better oxygenation, alimentaes most tolerated and organized standards of sleep-vigil more; – To place in the supina position with the extended neck and the nose directed toward the ceiling to prevent any nip of the aerial ways; To observe shunting line presences of the desired functioning; To recognize signals of respiratory anguish? retractions, snores, cianose, opening of the nostrils, apnea, taquipnia, low oxygen saturation; To execute the prescribed project of suplementao of oxygen. Risk For Infection? To assure that all the cuidadores wash the hands before and after handling the just-been born one to minimize the exposition the infectious microorganisms; To assure that all the equipment in contact with the Rn is clean or barren; To prevent that carrying members of the team of infections of the contagious ways respiratory or enter in contact with the Rn; To isolate the other Rn that has infections in accordance with the politics of the institution; To instruct the members of the team and the parents how much to the procedures of control of the infection; To manage antibiotics as prescribed; To assure strict asepsis and/or sterility in the invasive processes and equipment such as peripheral therapy IV, lumbar punes, and insertion of venoso arterial catheter/. Inefficacious Termorregulao? To place the Rn in the incubadora, cradle of radiating heat or dress in an opened cradle to keep the temperature well corporal steady; Monitorizar the axillary temperature in the unstable just-been born ones; To verify the temperature of the Rn in relation to the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the unit of heating to detect loss of heat for radiation; To prevent situations that can premake use the Rn the loss of heat, as cold weathering needs ‘as’, current of wind, bath or cold scales; To teach to the parents of the Rn the techniques to prevent loss of heat in house. .

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