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A general guide for bicycle trailer made of steel tubes if you need a trailer for your bike, is not to buy it in the desired size, and according to your wishes, you can then build as a vehicle itself. You can weld a bike trailer. Most, best succeed with galvanized steel tubes. Here is a general guide. Of course include some experience in welding and drawing of plans. Also stable and best non-rusting material must be used for a stable trailer for a bicycle. Bobby Green pursues this goal as well. For the technical drawing, a drawing board is required to customize the drawing on a large scale.

Build bicycle trailer itself: the drawing without a good drawing can not properly assemble as a pendant or other technical devices. The drawing should be made on a large scale, so you quickly can get a picture of what you want to weld together. A To customize drawing professionally following things are needed: A good drawing board that enough drawing fixed measuring equipment at the drawing board individual measuring Protractor and rulers, as well as a circular drawing materials such as pencils, soft and hard make Eraser and Pencil Sharpener with this material for the scale of a drawing according to their scale. The drawing should show all views of the trailer and should contain all dimensions. Leave quietly inspired by models in the trade in your design. What kind of material do you need for the bike trailer? Take the best galvanized steel tubing, the diameter of which must be specified on the drawing. The thickness of the tubes depends on the size of the trailer where the diameter could be 30 to 50 mm.

With a protective gas welding machine, the pipes can be welded down after some practicing. These welding machines are on the market for to purchase the 200 euros and work with a normal connection over 220 volt. The pipes need to be cut according to the drawing exactly. You can also touch the ends of the pipes where they are welded together, that means both ends to create a Groove in which the weld is placed. If you notice all your welds form a solid unit with the pipe ends and there is a solid construction. After everything is welded, the tubes should and above all the welded joints with anticorrosive paint be painted over, so that any moisture on the pipes. Follow these instructions, you can build your bike trailer yourself and get a stable vehicle according to their ideas. Conclusion: The clean welding together of the pipes will have a stable frame, where the tongue is not to forget. Can now be made from part of a box and become a trailer with an axis.

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