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Significant Notes Mental School

Haydin had a close friendship with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was professor of Ludwig van Beethoven. Of course, Haydn despite all his genius, is a human being who is subject to emotions, feelings, character, conduct, behavior, demonstrating that at times sometimes not so pleasant, as in other yes, but it deserves attention to end that the reader may know, look what the geniuses also face sometimes do not go ahead and the consequences can be dire as happened to this extraordinary musician in your life facing great suffering On this occasion we have selected some aspects that were very significant in the life of this great master of music, information obtained from those he has been interested to know a little more about the reality of Haydn and what it represents all in his life. Significant Notes Mental School of Education tells us among some highlights: In 1749 Haydn reached the age at which he could not sing the high tones of the choral works. With this feeble excuse was fired from his job in the chorus. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. John Mcdougall. He stood in the street with nowhere to go. However, had the luck to meet a friend, Johann Michael Spangler, who shared fourth for a few months in the crowded attic of his family. Haydn decided to immediately begin his career as a freelance musician. During those difficult years, Haydn held many different jobs: music teacher, singer serenades street and finally servant and companion of the Italian composer Nicola Porpora, who later said he had learned “the true fundamentals of composition.” It is said that after his death, Haydn lost his head, but this time, unfortunately, literally.