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How To Change The Antifreeze In Your Vehicle

He is indispensable for the proper functioning of our engine, as it helps prevent the formation of iron oxide that forms plugs in the radiators, in turn damage the water pump, causing the valves to act on the fan causing a overheating. It is advisable to change the antifreeze every two years or 40,000 miles, because at that time loses anti-corrosive qualities. Here we will take steps to be able to change the antifreeze in your car. 1 .- Wait for your is completely cold. 2.-The radiator has two hoses, one is at the bottom and the other at the top, they have clamps, aflojalas and carefully remove the hose from the bottom. 3 .- In a bowl, drain all the antifreeze once drained all the coolant, flush the system to remove any sediment.

We recommend that with a garden hose full of water the system by the same hose to be removed, until the water runs clear. To clean off the coolant tank cap and fill it with water until clean. 4 .- When you are clean put the cap on the coolant tank and hose to withdraw verifies that it is secure with clamp. Fill the radiator with new. 5 .- Turn on your car for a few minutes, with caution as the engine is warm and running, check the coolant level in the tank if you need to fill it until you reach your level, make sure no leaks. Leave it on for the antifreeze is dispersed throughout the cooling system. NOTE: Be sure that when you're doing the procedure no children or pets near the antifreeze that its components have highly poisonous chemicals such as ethylene glycol or ethylene glycol in the drinking causes serious health damage.