A Second Language

He can not help you effectively, it will wonder why you do not understand the obvious (For him) things. Teacher-native speaker is important at the stage of improvement, but not studying. In addition, it should be just a teacher, not just a man who knows the language from birth. 5. Grammar must know, without it you will not know the language if it were true, then many people on our planet have never learned to speak. Taylor Zakhar Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. You are able to speak, going to school? And often you engaged in grammar? After you have learned the basics of this science only in elementary school and to study grammar began in middle school. As for people from other countries on our planet, then it also happens that a man quite briskly sells you what some handicrafts, but that such a school and especially grammar – have not even heard! All people around the world learn the language before starting to get acquainted with the grammar.

6. There is no methodology that can quickly and easily learn to speak English to this conclusion come by hearing from friends and stories about how much trouble they cause learning English at courses independently, with tutors on a new advanced text-books but not so long ago there was a technique which allows achieve the desired. And about the students say the course "English as a Second Language" in Applied Educational: "Unexpectedly, having only 2 level of the course, unable to interview in English to talk about their hobbies and why I chose this profession. "(Daria B.)" It was after this exchange took place occurrence in the language.

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