You have to use all your conviction, your faith, your confidence, your acceptance. To change the perspective, you’ll see amazing results.You must be aware that even though you’re still, not as you want to, you are on the right track to reach the goal successfully. Enjoy it now. You set the limits. LIMITATIONS – I do not think that you can get my weight loss.-born fat and will thus continue. all my life-do not know if I can with diet-my fat is by Genetics-is difficult and costly to lose weight-am fat for anxiety-failure whenever I want to lose weight.-it is very costly exercise.-for more, and I feel guilty-not my family supports me and why I gain.

POSITIVE changes – I trust in me and I’ll have the body I want.-from this moment on, I will have the appearance desired.-change my habits to stay healthy.-choose the ideal weight for me-is easy and pleasant to meet my goal-I control my body, to see me well.-Tomo proper decision, to achieve your dream body-go for a walk and enjoy the scenery-how what I need and I am happy.-have sufficient faith and strength to achieve my wellbeing. These both phrases LIMITATIONS and positive TRANSFORMATIONS, they serve only as a guide to start a reflection about our emotional state and able to properly decide a plan of action for successful weight loss. You can choose some of these positive sentences, with which you identify and work with them. A good way to start is looking for a place where you are comfortable / at and then, with your phrases written on paper, read aloud from 3 to 5 times a day, for a month. You must do so with faith and conviction. WRITE your METASToma pen and paper.

This exercise is very powerful, because when writing your goals on paper, you are committing you to yourself. So you will keep you focused on your goal of weight loss, since you can resort to all the times that you want to motivate you. These notes can put them in visible places (refrigerator, Agenda, mirrors, etc.), as a reminder, so crave a new daily habit. Ponle date to TUS METASEs important that you define the result as you want to have in the short term, medium- and long-term, will serve you to commit yourself and motivate you in weight loss. To finish I would like to share with you these videos, that can help you to better understand the importance of this information.Jhon Gabriel in his book, one of the things that speaks, is something called mental obesity, and they are the beliefs that prevent us from weight loss. And beliefs are really filters of reality, so what you mean by this, is that if you don’t believe that something may be possible, you avoids that experience of weight loss to occur.

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