Art History

The man does mean expression, development, experience, achievements, inventions, communication and representation, as the man in his ongoing historical process has accommodated many situations in which it displayed his total character and aspects of their life and the man in the continuing process of life has given way to a medium in which they can meet many aspects of his life and art is such a medium, who has accompanied man since time immemorial and has meant a of the major components of human life, representing a no of elements of his life. With the above form to talk about the man and his history, it also alludes to the history of art, as through art, man in his constant development process has achieved a best means to express their various emotions and feelings also that in every period of human history, art history has taken shape, thanks to Lara art is a sample of the social, cultural and political conditions by which praises pass the man in your life. The value of art history, is that the same is a clear example of human history and the changes and evolution processes that occur in the life of mankind and which are clearly represented in art history When discussing the history of art, refers to a set of expressions of man through history, between these various expressions are painting, sculpture and architecture, can summarize the three in terms of visual arts. The end sought in the history of art is to perform an analysis of the history of mankind, through the same history of art and this is due to classify the different types of cultures and time periods in which we develop a certain style or way of art, which is necessary to make a study of artistic expression, in areas such as the characteristics that accompany the works of art and the influences that may be noticed in them. By walking on the history of art, first shows that it can be said on this subject is the presence of art in prehistoric times, various figures and drawings made during periods of 500,000 years ago, early in the history of art, the figures were very rustic and simple, due to lack of materials and tools. Over the centuries and the development of knowledge of man, appeared useful tools to make works of art, thanks to technical progress of certain peoples or communities, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China, where he developed techniques made optimal for art, and fine tuning the application of different materials that provide better ways to the various creations. With the advent of modern and contemporary times, the history of art took a new turn, since the history of art in former times was so framed as related to religion and religious beliefs, while the history of modern art represents man's personality more common and diverse experiences accompanying his life.

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