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More and more patients take their empowerment into their own hands. A central source of information is the Internet, which among other things also provides access to numerous patient brochures. Caution is advised in the selection: some materials are outdated and therefore only conditionally can be used. Already discussed elsewhere ( the problem of outdated patient information brochures. Increasing the number of people who search the Internet for information about their disease, and justifiably, they expect that the brochures offered as download up to date are. This category includes information materials from the year 2012, at brochures before that date, it will become increasingly critical.

A non-representative and thematically-specific research, however, shows that caution is required with regard to the timeliness. Here are some examples (elevation stand: 23.04.2013): therapies for renal failure, Federal Association of kidney, 2001 high blood pressure: useful information for patients and their families, Technician insurance 2009 what is asthma, MSD 2009 depression: advice for sufferers and their families, about urinary problems in Crohn’s disease, blood clotting disorders, Hexal 2008 2009 Parkinson’s disease, SERVIER Desitin 2009 live better insulin, diabetics Association Hamburg, 2004, but also educational content on Web pages are often older date. An example is the patient information leaflet osteoporosis ( the Federal Association of physicians, which dates back to the year 2008. Much of the information have certainly still substantive justification and are not wrong, but in many cases it also not complete.

The central problem of the information provider is that it does not regularly review your offer and that too many people in the Internet work are involved mainly in larger companies. But the coordination and updating is imperative, especially for Because there are pharmaceutical companies, image and reputation at stake. As also the importance of the patient for the companies increases, the quality of information is becoming a competition parameter, only those companies can successfully use comprehensive, understandable and above all currently informing.

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