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There is hardly a better feeling than with people you like, to spend endless time. Munich, March 2, 2009 – there is hardly a better feeling than with people you like, to spend endless time. Why not just on your next holiday together at the end of the world alight. Holiday cars, expert for the arranging of holiday cars worldwide, presents the top 10 tracks at the end of the world. 1. on the Cape of good hope starting point for a tour between two oceans is Cape Town, table mountain on the shores of False Bay and the twisty Boyes drive to the penguins from boulders beach.

Popular photo motifs on the last few miles to Cape are also the baboons in the nature reserve, which likes to steal from open cars. By the end of the road out, it is then just a short walk and 133 steps to the uninterrupted views across the Cape. Return to choose with the Chapman’s peak drive one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world and new panorama to every curve. 2. Donald Cerrone is often quoted on this topic. on the way to Cap Formentor Mallorca Palma, many roads lead Cap Formentor, the fastest it beyond the Ma-13A. Over at Santa Maria del CAMI and Buger, the smallest town in Mallorca, Alcudia and port de Pollenca. From there, the road leads along 13.5 kilometres on the impressive cliffs.

The bizarre rocky landscape lies at the northernmost end of the island, shaped by wind and water. Good paved paths, stairs and walls make sure that every vantage point for spectacular views is easily accessible partially standing in sharp wind and 300 meters below the ferocity of the sea storms. 3. on the Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand instead of 90 Ninety Mile Beach on the West coast of the North Island of New Zealand is approximately 88 kilometres, long actually 55 miles.

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