Being In Healthy Relationships

All affective relationship poses for those who are part of her evidence and challenges which remain healthy and positive help enormously to personal and emotional growth of the two, resulting in extremely gratifying that feeling to share every aspect of their lives with another person, in a climate of confidence, support and mutual respect. However, in ocasionesuna relationship can become a true cage for one of the people that are part of the same. This happens when an emotional abuse by his partner, takes place in the same which often leads to an accumulation of feelings of frustration, sadness, humiliation, hopelessness, oppression and even fear at possible acts of violence. If any of the following features should arise in your relationship, you should put yourself alert. You could be being victim of such abuse: to) your partner criticizes you constantly, humiliating you both in public and in private, through comments from brazen and open up to subtle.

In any case, this is devastating, because that can cause that your self-esteem should fall no reason by soils, making you feel you not worth anything. (b) trafficking in controlling all your activities, meddling in your work and in your relationships with other people (friends and family), seeing you in the position of having to provide all kinds of explanations about any activity and to seek its approval on each small subject or activity that you may need or want to perform, often before their distrust. (c) try by all means isolate you respect your environment of people closest, in such a way that you feel more vulnerable, because it is in that way as you can control you with greater ease. To do this, for example, tends to show its disapproval against any plan that you could make yours apart, making you feel guilty when you perform it. (d) your mood is very changeable, alternating periods of hostile behaviour with brief moments in which shows you his side more amiable and charming, until you see in him or her to the person that you fell in love with and so avoid that you might have temptations to escape your relationship. (e) has a tendency to lose your temper, and an obvious violent component, is given in his character that makes you fear that at any time he could burst and end up hitting you or hurt you in some other way.

If you would have detected one or more of these signs in your partner you should stay alert, because you could be sharing your life with an emotional abuser, the way they behave reaching to transcend and end up in physical abuse. If you think that that might be the case, it’s advice. Do it until it’s too late.

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