Cheap Beach Vacation

Beach vacation with cheap shopping and low costs on the spot for a cheap package holiday in Asia the Asia expert Olaf Diroll is just back from a tour of Malaysia. At the invitation of the Suntrips travel organizer, travel has become the far East expert gives an impression and overview of the holiday regions, hotel offers, as well as land & people. The flight continued an archipelago off the North West coast of the peninsula with Malaysian Airlines from Frankfurt non-stop to Kuala Lumpur and with a domestic flight to the popular holiday island of Langkawi. A picturesque place with bizarre rock formations, which are mostly covered with dense tropical vegetation. Are the approximately 99 Islands in the archipelago are relatively uninhabited and are bathed by emerald green warm sea water. The main island of Langkawi is becoming a popular island resort of ground and international tourists. In addition to beautiful beaches, hotels and small bungalow operations by \”easy familiar\” up to \”luxury exclusive\” a good and inexpensive The holiday island of Langkawi offers selection of typical restaurants and cozy venues ideal and ample possibilities for excursions. The visit to a local discotheque at Pantai Cenang was overshadowed on the 26th, as was this evening as \”Michael Jackson’s revival night\” with many tears and sympathy of the population.

But during the disco visit Langkawi nice handling of visitors and their courtesy noticed pleasantly Olaf Diroll guests. On the day many sports activities on the beach are offered, such as diving, parasailing, snorkeling, mountain biking, golf and tennis, as well as the popular banana fun trips. Small bars give the famous Tiger beer out and be pampered with local delicacies, while there were offered in the larger restaurants fresh seafood, steaks, lamb and delicious rice dishes at very reasonable and affordable prices for food and beverages. But also many smaller inexpensive massage parlours and also send Spa and wellness facilities of the Islands is worth to the Visit.

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