Chinese Studies

I remember once I went into an office of its acquaintance. It should be noted that he is the head of the Department of Chinese Studies and teaches Chinese language and literature. So, I was amazed enormous size, about two meters in diameter, like fans of great beauty. Their needles were spread out rice paper, and in some instances – silk, which were skillfully drawn bewitching eye pattern. I long time could not stop watching these masterpieces, and firmly promised myself at the earliest opportunity have something similar. Those fans in the interior compares favorably to the usual for us European-style paintings hanging along the walls. First, the story is not written on the canvas, and the fan.

In itself this fact gives them a certain elegance, lightness and grace. Secondly, the very style of painting by Chinese artists is quite different from known European schools. This lends a certain charm and colorful. Well, in the third, where such fans rarely see them, therefore, together with a fan you are giving your friend a unique interior, and you can be sure that it will remember you every time will host the guests, because seeing these spectacular decorations, none of them fail to ask the owner. Another unusual and beautiful invention of Chinese painting can be called on silk. Therefore, presenting as a gift painted silk panels, made in the form of a scroll, you can count on one hundred percent sighs of admiration and surprise. A common motif of these panels are the tigers, Dragons, as well as landscapes.

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