December Days

To get started make out in the very subtlety of the Mayan calendar and the Aztecs, to understand where this comes complete mystery date global catastrophe. First of all, the Mayans and Aztecs had a calendar that were well established system cycles … While Maya and knew that in the year 365 days they preferred symmetry 360 day tun and used it as the basic unit to its highest settlement time. In turn, tunneling is the basis for: katun katun – 20 tunam -7200 Batun days – 20 katun 144000 days and for a period equal to 13 baktuns 1,872,000 days three time periods ending December 21, 2012 in the day, which will be accompanied by a cataclysm, destruction, according to myth, the land of not less than frightening than describe, and other mythical sources of antiquity. In line with these predictions of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tidal waves and usher in the sixth epoch of creation – 22.12.2012. in According to the Mayan way of thinking all the time eventually makes a circle until it again. Since the Mayan calendar is provided with information about three of your own cycles: Katun, Baktun, and the era of creation is the longest of which is the epoch creation began on the day that we would be designated as the 12 August 3114 BC. At the moment we are living in the past 20 year period called katun to fifth epoch of the Maya creation. When this katun will end on Dec.

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