The effect is more or less long (two years). However, almost always requires multiple repeated dokalyvaniya (four times), designed to achieve the most pronounced cosmetic effect. The number of side effects the same as that of synthetic materials: redness, swelling, pain, inflammation, granulomas, pigmentation, rosacea, gel migration, abscesses, and necrosis. The only difference from liquid silicone is a combination of drugs that dissolve the most for a few years hence, you will be insured from showing pobochek in 10 years. Treatment, as before, is only possible by surgery.

For drugs in this group include: Evolution (Evolution), Artekoll (Artecoll), Arteplast (Arteplast), Dermalife (DermLife), Dermadip (DermDeep), intra Reviderm, Matridex (Matridex), Matridur (Matridur), Matrigel (Matrigel), Profil (Profill). Artekoll (Artecoll) – drug, on which Russia gained the most experience of. Is based on bovine alkaline-dissolved collagen, therefore, in rare cases, can cause allergies. Recommended for deep wrinkles. Probably need repeated procedures for correction. The effect is guaranteed for 3-5 years. Dermalife (DermLife) – the drug on the basis of material having a non-animal origin.

Consequently, no allergy and no risk transfer of viruses. Quite often observed after the application of the granuloma (sometimes in terms of more than a drug), as well as the formation of seals and an inflammation. Matridex (Matridex), Matridur (Matridur), (Matrigel (Matrigel) – have approximately the same complications as all drugs in this group. However, one of the beauticians, which I attended, said that their clinic refused to use the gel after a single case of skin necrosis in the nasolabial folds.

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