Diagnostic Rheumatism

More than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind the term rheumatism you have rheumatism! “, practically every day, many people hear this diagnosis by your doctor. Before one can understand the exact meaning of this diagnosis, it takes but more detailed information. Often, it starts with pain in the limbs. Muscles, tendons and joints pain. Also the connective tissues can be affected. Rheumatism is the umbrella term for diseases that occur at the locomotor system after the World Health Organization (WHO). Almost always, they are associated with pain and often with movement restrictions.

Main part: essentially four main groups are summarized under the term rheumatism: 1 include all forms of arthritis degenerative joint disease and spinal disorders to diseases that cause damage to the articular cartilage. In Germany alone, there are more than 5 million sufferers, who are generally over the age of 60. Get each due to osteoarthritis Year more than 300,000 patients artificial knee joint or a new hip joint. 2. Metabolic diseases with rheumatic complaints of this Para-rheumatic disease group be assigned to metabolic disorders which cause disorders of the locomotor system. As most common occurring diseases in this group, you can call gout and especially osteoporosis. About 5 million people in Germany are affected, mostly women however.

At the time of diagnosis, the average age is 60 years. 3. Soft tissue rheumatism and pain muscle diseases due to the overuse of muscles, as well as irritation of the tendons and soft tissue arise complaints. Women aged 35 and over are usually among the 4 million affected in Germany. Perhaps the most famous but also very little explored from this category of rheumatism is fibromyalgia. About 1.5 million people should be afflicted an estimated in Germany. 4. Flammable rheumatic diseases this is an system disease, affecting the whole body has. The most common inflammatory disease of the joints is called polyarthritis. A faulty regulation of the immune system is currently accepted as the main cause. Typical symptoms are pain, swelling and excessive heating of the joints. Signs of rheumatism as the clinical picture Rheumatoid can be varied, of course also possible symptoms are as diverse. However, it is possible to provide some clarity with the help of 5 specific questions. Are your fingers stiff in the morning so that you can turn on the faucet, hardly? You sleep for several months without recovery, whereby all tendons, muscles and joints pain?”you wake up regularly at night sleep due to pain after 3-4 hours, which make amends after walking around?” you get after prolonged severe pain in the knees, hips, ankles or toes, which disappear after some movement?”watch swelling in the joints of the fingers and wrists, since few days, and you feel it a whole While not powerful?” Should only one of the listed questions positively be answered, so a doctor should be consulted be sure. If one is suffering from rheumatism, a rheumatologist is in any case to consult. Under the header “The term rheumatism more than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind” informed of this release underlying this article first on the blog health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt

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