Emergency Contraception Work

Emergency contraception – a safe and effective method of preventing pregnancy when you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, or something went wrong with your usual method of contraception. But this method of contraception can not be used every time you have sexual intercourse. Contraceptive use in the state to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but this kind of protection must be used immediately after sexual intercourse without delay. To take emergency contraception to 72 hours (3 days) after sexual intercourse, but the sooner you make, the more likely that contraception works. Where to buy pills from a number of emergency contraception? In pharmacies, clinics, family planning, violence – and hospitals.

You can keep these medicines on hand in case of what you might need them in case situations. Usually such preparations extracted by one of the pack. If you have packaged two pills, two pills must be taken together. This tool is used within 72 hours (three days) after unprotected intercourse. It is believed that such means prevents 75% of pregnancies that would occur if not used emergency contraception. How Emergency Contraception Work? Pill emergency contraception consists of progestrena, hormone, which is similar to the natural hormone in the body of a woman. In consequence of it, aligns the uterus and the egg can not stay on the wall of the uterus or delayed release of an egg from the ovary. Emergency contraception is not intended to use it regularly and should be used only in extreme cases.

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