Factors of Aging

Lack of hyaluronic acid is considered one of the major factors of aging of the organism as a whole, and such his symptoms as loss of joint mobility, changing the appearance of the skin, various diseases of the cardiovascular system and age-related changes in vision. One molecule of this acid keeps around him to 1,000 molecules water, "answering" thus for natural hydration and volume of the skin. Professional products used by us for contouring, are safe, because hyaluronic acid is a natural component healthy skin. They are used to modify the circuit to increase the lips, corners of the mouth lift, removal of wrinkles, that is used both for solving aesthetic problems, and for the correction of age-related changes. The uniqueness of products based on hyaluronic acid is in the fact that if it enters the skin, they naturally blend with your own body's hyaluronic acid, its complement, which is largely improves metabolic processes in the skin: it becomes more elastic, even after the expiration of the drug. Surdgiderm (France) – is a gel based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. The drug is characterized by high concentration of hyaluronic acid up to 24 mm for 1 oz. Result remains stable up to 12 months. Juviderm (France) is a hyaluronic acid in the form of viscoelastic gel that is transparent and homogeneous and has a number of advantages: requires no pre-testing obtained on the basis of the biosynthesis and has a non-animal origin (does immune reactions) Juviderm effect usually lasts from 6 to 10 months, sometimes more – depending on the skin type, the site of injection, injected volume and the method of procedure.

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