Faith and Humanity

When the African slaves had disembarked in Brazil they had brought I only obtain what no dominador could pull out it, what it would be its support and sustenance to subsistir in way to the cruel captivity: the faith. Pulled out to the force of its nations could not find here no control point that supplied its necessities human beings, spirituals and materials. He was in its deuses of origin and the nature that they had searched and they found forces to resist and to continue, without never giving up. was in this context that was born the religious system of the Candombl, centered in the cult to orixs, ancestral divinizados3, force that guides the life: ‘ ‘ when the Africans needed mother, were the Iyemanj whom they appealed, the mother of all orixs, queen of waters of the seas; when they needed peace if they congregated next to Oxal; at the moments where they were threatened of extinguishing asked for to Oxum fecundidade, with calm childbirth; when the reality did not point them no perspective, was the Ogum to who requested that the ways opened them; the threatened health and the balance between life and death were deliver to the cares of Omulu/Obaluay, next to Nan (advising and protective mother) and Oxumar; when running away and if taking refuge in the bushes was the Oxossi and Ossaiyn that asked for protection against the danger; so that the winds that never blew of its Africa lacked them, as refrigrio, it was in Ians that also found forces to support the existenciais turbulences, but surely, Exu? messenger of orixs and the men? was who more worked therefore was it who all trusted its order so that the cruel captivity arrived at the end? suffering inominvel’ ‘ .

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