Flatter Abs

If your goal is to thin abdomen and to have a flat average zone, the first thing that you need is to eliminate the fat layers that are upon your abdomen. The most effective form is with a combination of exercises of force (with an extra approach in the average section), cardiovascular exercise (of short debilitating duration but), and a stable sugar level (it helps you to mantenerte without additional fat and facilitates that your body uses the fat like fuel, and is burned). 1. Focused progressive training in force The main function of abdominal muscles is the flexibility of your torso forwards. Nevertheless, there are muscles to move the torso to the sides and to rotate it. If you want to fortify your stomach you need to introduce exercises forwards, towards the sides and of rotation. The abdominal ones are muscles like all the others, and must be worked 3 times per week. If you want to work them, trabjalos progressively harder every time.

Nevertheless it remembers that not only it is important to focus in this area, if you work all your body and beams muscle, you are going to accelerate your metabolism and you will burn fat the 24 hours of the day. The exercises to thin abdomen must be complementary for your routine of weights (down I recommend to you where you can find the best routine available). 2. Cardiovascular exercises in short periods but with much intensity to accelerate your metabolism The exercises of cardio are very important, because done of correct way they can accelerate your metabolism of 4 to 24 times more. That means that you will be less prone to accumulate calories like fat. In addition you will burn all the excess of fat in your body. I will give the intervals you in which you will be able to make exercises cardiovascular to burn more fat: * warms up of 2 5 minutes smoothly * 30 seconds of intense work (more than you can) * 1 minute of moderate work (to take breath) * repeats process 6 soon 10 times and enfrate of 2 to 5 minutes of smooth way 3.

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