Health Benefits of the Color Green

Regarded as the most harmonious and balanced of all the existing colors in Universe, green dampens the excitement and restore stability, including in relations, the atmosphere of peace. That's why we take great pleasure to walk in the woods, on the silky carpet grass, among the green trees. This color – a true helper in making decisions, so that if assailed by doubts, just close your eyes and mentally imagine it – surely it will help sort out the next steps. Blue, as well as indigo, makes for diseases of the endocrine system, solves the problems associated with the spine, inflammation of the throat and sinuses. But it is worth remembering that this is a very active shades having used keep in good shape, and hence their overabundance threatens rather unpleasant feelings of emotional exhaustion, depression. Occurring in the spectrum of blue tones – antiseptic, reduces inflammation and fever; excellent depressants, forcing forget about insomnia, especially when you look at them every night before bed, sources of inspiration. Purple "managing" the bone system, improving health in arthritis, inhibits the growth tumors, supports the immune system. In general, it's pretty powerful color – under his power to aggravate feelings, identify and throw out the hidden possibilities to create a sense of security.

Opportunity to experience violet this recipe will help "color meditation": feeling lonely, imagine bathing in the purple jets. Uncomfortable mood as waves washed away. Coloristic workshop Generally, variants of extraction healing forces there are many colors, one can choose exactly what he has most to their liking. It's easy, say, an exacerbation of arthritis or hand bandaged foot violet-blue handkerchief – one hour pain significantly blunted. To improve efficiency, place on a bright red table cloth, decorate the room, red roses. At nightfall, when the day was quite intense, elegant wear pajamas in blue-blue colors – and you will sleep the sleep of the infant. You can also take a bath with salt or foam azure hue. Easy and at the same time an effective way – "charge" appropriate color water that accumulates information perfectly.

To do this, make a stand (suitable napkins, colored paper or cardboard) and place them in a glass of water. One hour is enough that the liquid "absorbed" power and gave it to "address." Drink color Elixir should be in small quantities, in small sips. Among the methods of color therapy interest and "healing" paintings (reproductions), well-known artists. As experts say, daily, for 20 minutes, appeal to the high ability to curb the nerves better than any sedative. By the paintings, having relax-effect, rank as "birch grove", "Dnepr in the morning," "Overgrown pond" Kuindzhi, "Moon Night" by Aivazovsky, "Beauty" Kustodiev, etc. Also, from time to time hold good viewing color slides without a pattern. The duration of "session" will vary depending on the chosen shade. For half an hour is enough yellow, blue, blue and Green – 15 minutes, a red five – violet – three. By way of introduction, and to complete the view it is desirable to use a white color, which multiplies by anyone else. Under some health problems can be create coloristic composition (simply inserted into the frame a few films). For example, to reduce the allergic reaction will allow the blue-orange combination therapy of bronchitis carried blue and green, to calm toothache help indigo and violet.

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