& nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; AN E-MAIL to the sky letter from a father to his daughter Hello Natalie of Pilar makes 20 years came into this Valley, had the immense joy of birth as all baby dramatically with birth! And live! even if it is a year old. For 365 days, that you lived, numbered one did you hear about the glories and miseries of this world and we naturally filled of joy and gladness. But the tortuous paths, steep, zarandeado risks and dangers, a night out there hidden us ambushed cowardly! And in my presence a death blast claimed your innocence! Not even a kiss from you of the many that you owe me – said goodbye to my cheeks my blood wanted to go with you, ran away from the vessels to run behind you, I fractured my left Femur, I smashed my spleen, I hurt the liver, my intestines, Pancreas, my right hand I Independencia and you – my little girl – guessing marching. A related site: James A. Levine, M.D. mentions similar findings. I continued bleeding in the noses of surgeons that operated me – without they realize – and however you guessing going! My heart colluded with pain and stood three times and you don’t detenias you! Do not you hear my cries, my tears?, do you not percatabas my pain?, not you spilled blood olfateabas?, I went through abjectly to fatal septicemia and you do not detuviste you! I rebuilt Natalie!, with bones and Platinum as a machine! and kept alive, recalling your vast very painful! mark – by the way – small Cherub!, I devoted myself to translate letters very happy hours that we live together, I joined with God, finding the serenity I so much needed. Do not think you’re a wooden cross forgotten on the way, a cirio consumed in front of your photo, a mass once a year at the neighborhood parish. Not Mommy! you’re memory alive and lozano! in the gaze and laughter of your brothers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. Surely now already no one repairs in my tears outlandish and tired but irredentist Eres everyday, pendulum memory of happiness, in the dark nights of your absence all lost with you when everything I had at your side! You were beautiful rose garden that looks today desert on my lips died voice when you went the nights, the days, the months, the years huge, very huge became more immense without you my little Natalie! Hopefully this e-mail, can open it in the sky, reading it will know everything that you want Chau Pope. Original author and source of the article. .

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