Inter Professor

The professor will be the incentivador, the encouraging one for the proper initiative of the student (PIAGET, 2000, p.40). Still regarding the relation professor-pupil, we see that this relation has that to be based on the dialogue most fruitful, where ' ' erros' ' of the students they pass to be seen as integrant of the learning process. This if of because to the measure that the pupil ' ' erra' ' the professor obtains to see what already he is knowing and what still he must be taught. These ' ' errors construtivos' ' that they can differ from the correct answers, but they do not hinder that the children arrive it (PIAGET, 2000, p.43). Learning it is not scrumbled to the memorization, but yes to the logical reasoning, understanding and reflection. It will be constructed in the head of the subject to one to leave of the mental structures that it possesss. Coming back the relation professor-pupil, this interaction must be based on the cooperation of both.

Thus, it will be through the debate and quarrel between equal that the process of the cognitivo development will be given; the professor assuming the paper only of instigador and provoker, keeping the cooperation climate. The consequences will be to the decentralization, the socialization, the construction of a rational and dynamic knowledge of the pupils. Of this form, the production of the children starts to be party to suit of education and learning, searching to not only understand the meaning of the process and the product (FERNANDZ, 2001, p.55). Conclusion The affectivity absence, is an aggravating one, because if the pupil does not feel itself important, then its auto one esteem is affected, and fits to the professor to be intent to this question, therefore beyond mediator of, it must recognize that a relevance knowledge in the affective aspect in the subjectivity of the Inter-relations in many segments of the society, since the first days of existence of the individual, even in elapsing of its integral development in the social context.

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