According to the mill working principle, we do the following instructions about the important questions on the maintenance and overhaul all aspects: (1) pay close attention to the main bearing temperature, it should not exceed 60 s?. (2) should always check the main reducer, motor bearing lubrication and fuel supply adequacy these situations, pay attention to the supplementary lubricants. Visit Glenn Dubin for more clarity on the issue. Winter fuel or oil, should be pre-heating the oil to 200 c or so, as to the lubricants which has gone off and not clean, it is not allowed to use. (3) as to the main bearing which has just been installed and put into use new, we should replace them after the ball mill operating a month later, the lubricant should be all escaped (reducer should be performed in accordance with the relevant technical documentation), clean the oil tank and replace with new oil. (4) we should check the main bearing seal regularly, pay attention that whether the oil scraper brush, scraping the oil-plate workpiece is normal, both ends of the felt seal is good, if necessary, adjust or replace them. (5) regular check whether the cooling system is smooth. (6) pay attention to the feed device checking, to feeding device, the seal of the gear cover, badly worn or be affected by the sealing effect, should be adjusted in a timely manner, replace, or take other measures to complement the grease. (7) pay attention to listen the moving parts of the reducer bearings, the size of gear noise and vibration in operation.

(8) pay attention to check the liner connection bolts, anchor bolts, etc. if there are loose, broken off and other phenomena. New replacement bolts to running after a certain time after installation or repair, re-tighten. (9) Note that the signal of a variety of instruments, lighting fixtures and control system is sensitive and complete. (10) on a regular basis to stop grinding check: in order to detect defects, and eliminate the fault, in order to ensure the normal operation of the mill, in addition to routine maintenance, but also preventive stop grinding, periodic inspection and make to record, in order to respectively severity appropriate process and prepare a maintenance plan. (11) mill component wear to the following circumstances should be replaced: a liner thickness of wear and tear by 70%, or 70mn cracks.

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