Oily Skin

Oily skin is common in many people. So you have to often resort to the help of cosmetics for skin care. After all, to disguise not only on the greasy and clean and the pores of excess skin fat, to fight acne and pimples. Morning and evening care for oily skin it is recommended to use cosmetic milk. Oily skin does not need moisture because moisture is fairly well preserved natural way.

But, nevertheless, in the afternoon, use low-fat moisturizer. You can try cream Vichy Oligo 25. At night you can apply a moisturizer is not on his face, but only on the most sensitive areas. Especially in need of care skin around the eyes and neck. But do not forget to pre-clean the face of cosmetics. Remedy for skin care should be applied in a thin layer of a light touch with his fingertips. For the owners of this type of skin can be recommend a series of Swedish Care to care for oily skin from Oriflame (blue tubes).

Twice a week is necessary to use scrub to clean the pores face. After that, have to use a moisturizer or scrub itself should contain substances with anti-inflammatory stress. The main thing is not to overdo it and select the most appropriate action to scrub. Perhaps you have chosen care product will clean your skin intensively face. And while lack of sebum can cause him even more copious. A striking example of this is the gel-scrub Vichy Normaderm (night and day), which has quite a strong effect and is only suitable for those who requires a deep skin cleansing. But after the skin should be well enough to moisten. As already mentioned, after the scrub is necessary to use a hydrating mask. With their help not only clean skin, but also increases blood flow to the skin, so she gets a fresher look. The general advice – masks should be thick in the hardening process they absorb fat. All procedures for the care of a person to carry out regularly, even if your oily skin will always look clean and well maintained.

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