Pregnancy Planning

Researchers concluded that a planned pregnancy and childbirth a positive impact on the physical condition of the female body. Scientists from the University of Texas in the United States attempted to determine the ideal age for women birth of their first child. According to American doctors, the most appropriate – for the health of the woman – age for conception is equal to 34 years. Scientists attribute this to the fact that it is at that age is reached optimum balance between women's health and its physical facilities. Although there are scientists who do not share this view. Researchers at Oxford University say that after 35 years of a woman becoming less prolific, so the woman who gave birth to her first child in 1934, will not be able to have a second before 37 or 38 years – and at that age a pregnancy is difficult.

However, John Mirowski University of Texas to argue with critics do not want and something even agree with them: 'It is clear that the reproductive system begins to wane with age, and therefore risky to postpone conceiving a child. Need to find a balance, weigh various problems. " Mirowski argues that his study only indicates that you should not be afraid to give birth after 30 years. Usually, women worried about possible health problems, but, as claimed by the author of the study, social and economic benefits associated with the transfer of birth at an older age, compensate for the aging process. Female brain receives additional forces in that period usually begins when the deterioration memory inherent in adulthood. Thus the extended mental health of women.

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