Private Spa

Implementation of a private oasis with a classic Finnish sauna as a centerpiece just come more and more people on the idea, to satisfy the desire of the own wellness oasis in the home in the cold season. A sauna is usually the centerpiece of the Wellnesswunsches. The price of a sauna facility is an important criterion, but, but, the quality plays an important role. Should you can also adapt the sauna of the planned environment. Conclusion: Something should be and not “off the shelf”.

When building a sauna there are many things, which fall at the first glance at first not in the eye. The layman while facing questions such as the correct location, the appropriate wood, the choice of the technical equipment or the correct construction of the individual parts, so that the sauna is even after years still to the pure joy and not problems due to planning errors, which can no longer be corrected. Sauna farmer solution different concepts for the realization of the various construction projects are for this. Whether in a sauna in particular the experience plays for private users or in the commercial area, important for the choice of the right partner. A reliable partner for the construction of the sauna is for example the company apart-sauna, whose Inhaber plans saunas for over 30 years, designed and builds a. “The advice is always paramount and is the basis for all further measures.” explains Dieter Tietjen, owner of apart-sauna. “Many customers underestimate this important spatial conditions and requirements for a controlled air exchange.

So only a good and healthy climate in the sauna can occur when sufficient oxygen-rich air is fed”. Before however, the skilled person can start with planning, basic considerations should be made: where is the best location for the sauna system? In the basement, attic, or in the bathroom? The sauna should be simple, or do I put special demands on the Visual design or the technical equipment? These basics are understood, it is Contact person at apart-sauna in able to create a proper planning with indication of costs. Information has a 30 years experience in the planning, development, and manufacturing of equipment for saunas more on description of the company the company apart-sauna for private and commercial use. Apart-sauna products are taking the high level of quality and manufacturing standards, made with carefully selected materials and manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of the German of sauna. At apart-sauna, you will find the classic sauna, but also individually equipped design sauna as element- and solid wood sauna (block log sauna). As the garden sauna Sauna outdoor. Sauna accessories from the sauna control to the heater, concentrate for infusion and much more. Company contact: APART-SAUNA Tietjen Walter width 10 34346 Hann.

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