PRP Skin

Comparing the skin before and after procedures, and you can actually see its effectiveness. Learn more about this technique will be discussed in the future, but at the same time I will talk about the legendary personality of the Middle Ages Johann Lavater. What happens to the skin with the introduction of PRP? The main point of using PRP is that an increase in the number of platelets in the area of treatment accelerates the generation of new stem cells and how consequence, the tissue repair. Skin becomes more elastic, there is a healthy color, restored the metabolic processes, skin cells begin to actively divide, producing collagen, hyaluronic acid retains moisture. That is, the skin operates in youth.

And how long the effect? Stopped injecting drugs – has grown older? Neither the beauticians, or surgeon is not able to translate your biological clock back. Our job is that you look good. This is achieved either the suspension of the aging process, or tightening of the skin, removing excess by inserting the implants. Rejuvenate in a fantastic sense – eaten apple – 10 years off, can not none methodology and technology. Skin can only "remember" what it was. She will be stimulated, and using its reserves, it will recover. How pronounced the effect will be – depending on skin condition.

Duration and individual. We do not recommend training more than twice a year. Stimulation is good in moderation. If the body is constantly whip – its reserves are exhausted. But the fact that wrinkles smoothed, the skin will look rejuvenated – is obvious.

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