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We are today dealing with systemic diseases, the simple diseases are curable has been made in the past.” In Germany, one tries to Cap rising spending, nine health care reforms have been carried out since 1990. With the result that neither the market unfolds, improves the treatment nor personnel or financial leeway of doctors increased. The dermatologist examines only the skin of the Neurodermitikers, but is the causes of the disease not to the bottom. The cardiologist treated high blood pressure with drugs or transfers to other specialists. Earlier, the healing effect of the remedy for a disease made the success of medicine, today will put the resources in research, treatment and management of diseases in Berlin and Brussels. Because we at a time live, where many people can allow themselves “to really take care of health, but at the same time that state regulated and with countless provisions documented system does not move, in outsiders is created outside of conventional medicine.” Thousands of biotech companies, scientists with risk capital, build a second health care managers in Start-Ups and spin-offs.

Complementary and alternative medicine treat finally mental, social or spiritual disorders. The Klett Verlag founded a college for health economics in Hamburg, special editions and supplements about health are examples of the enormous growth in the media, wellness, fitness or health tourism to accelerate the new market. Nefiodow says but not: who heals, is right. The market flourishes unregulated, impostors and charlatans abound in it. The human-human interface gets a key function for competitiveness and productivity not least physical, mental and spiritual health such as expertise and new technologies through globalization and free accessible capital a key location and competition factor: the shift of working in teams, the networking of knowledge through communication in the group, between groups, companies, customers or banks. “If one adds up the clutter, i.e. by violence, crime, drugs, spending on wasted energy or military for internal security against terrorism, summed up the losses, getting a result of 14,000 billion $ in a year, which is more than the GNP of the United States.” Leo A. Nefiodow is again called disease sector.

The causes of global entropy are psychological, spiritual, social nature for him, proof inner and physical diseases. Expressed in system theory: mark of disturbed internal information processing, destructive behavior patterns. He sees the causes of psychological injury, intolerance, discrimination, contempt, all-in-all not practiced charity. Cooperation is more than ever as a key qualification in the Center in the future: within and between Governments and their organizations, as added value in industry and companies through changes in constructive value relations in society as a whole.” More information under: aktuelles.html detailed documentation: archiv.html

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