Tanyita Yupanqui Autor

Opposite mine my friend Alfredito smiled and asked me with a smile of a naive and small Sun: what wrote? and why so sad are you? Is it for my trip to la Laguna del Toro? But I will soon come back to see you, aunt! I keep the ball? I will take it from you! And again smiled his smile of Sun! I said: Yes, it take care until you come, Alfredito! Congratulations and to Taita Wilka protect you! I gave him a hug and then I wrote these last sentences: for smile, for the life of my little friend, their comrades, their parents and grandparents: the waters of the Laguna del Toro are essential! These waters for them are a synonym for vda! Original Tanyita Yupanqui Autor. .

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