The Danger Of Alcohol In The Cold Season …

Drinking alcoholic beverages during the cold season can be deadly. Alcohol does not warm! Death in the cold while intoxicated occurs much more frequently and more quickly than in a sober state. That should be aware of the effects of alcohol in a cold environment: 1. Once in the brain, alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Caused by alcohol intoxication suppresses narcotic often even self-preservation instinct, reduces perception of pain signals hypothermia. Often drunk, freezes in the cold, because it did not feel cold to sleep, as the alcohol in an uncontrolled situation, the brain does not perceive any pain signals, no signals of low temperature. 2.

Alcohol does not warm in the cold, but merely creates a false sense of warmth. When extreme cold alcohol, briefly expanding the blood vessels and increases the speed of blood circulation, creating the illusion of warmth. When contact with alcohol in the blood starts transient vasodilation. This process is accompanied by improved blood flow to the extremities, which causes the initial and the expected effect of rewarming in the cold. Therefore, drunk people on a cold start to unbutton his jacket, which can not be done, because then the vessels are narrowed, and the body loses heat very quickly cooled. 3. Sensitivity to alcohol drunk increases with change in ambient temperature. When the drunken man out in the cold to warm room, he got drunk even more, exacerbating the above-mentioned effects of alcohol on the body.

4. Receiving a small number of alcohol in order to reduce the influence of cold on the body is permissible, but only after hitting a man in a warm room. 5. To warm in the cold should be applied to foods rich in animal fats and very hot sweet tea. Prefer to warm in cold weather so dubious means such as alcohol, by and large are the only people to justify their regular use of alcohol in every possible way. A it already points to the existence of problems in the relationship with alcohol. In either case, consultation with a specialist, not only does not hurt, but also may help detect disease at an early stage, which will contribute to effective treatment alcoholism.

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