The Dilemma Of Diet Soda

Diet and exercise – this is the most common phrase in conversations on the topic of obesity and weight reduction. In the end, everyone understands that the recipe for health is simple: eat right and move more, but everything is so simple? Millions of people who have used this simple recipe and have made only modest results can tell a lot about the fact that there is something more than simple arithmetic is consumed and calories burned. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic endocrinologist James A. Levine found a third party of this simple-looking process. And it was even more important than diet and exercise together. Barbie Ferreira follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We are talking about levels of weight control. Levin called this system the active thermogenesis without exercise (ACBU), or in English – non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). neat – is, in fact, the energy that is consumed in our daily lives: in the process of cleaning, gardening, cooking, and just when we are not sitting idle.

Levine has done research with "calibrated" foods, high-tech clothes (which could take into account the heat loss a man with a sly e-filling) and guinea honest, are not cheated with the supplements. Levin found that neat makes a significant contribution to the individual amount expended by the body energy. For the vast majority of Americans base energy rate (ER) are usually very low due to low activity. In the heat of the product (TEP) on the fact "is" usually 10-15% of the er, and varies this value just by neat. Check out Glenn Dubin, New York City for additional information. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, neat is no more than 15%. Person, leading an active life, capable of converting into heat up to 50% of the tic.

In other words, enforced activity (jogging, swimming, cycling) is not as significant impact on overall levels of energy consumption. Levin's research shows that people with overweight are spending much less energy than people of normal weight. This means that for the same exercise bike should spend more time in order to achieve equally visible effects than their lean counterparts. In general, hard to lose weight only at the beginning. Then the effect will appear faster and faster, the main thing – perseverance and motivation to be healthy and beautiful.

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