The Distortion Of Reality

Multiple distortions of perception we all have in our daily lives. Let’s say that it is entirely natural that a certain music transport us to another time, or the smell of a perfume put us in touch with your beloved, or the taste of a food remember us to food that was our grandmother, etc. The distortion of perception to flash back is the direct cause of what happens to us sometimes with people. We can arrive at a site and without exchanging any words, such or which person us falls well or badly. In everyday life to this phenomenon usually you call Chemistry or good vibrations. In reality there is never a first encounter, all encounters in the unconscious. Is that the way look of that person, his tone of voice, the color of their eyes or whatever (current perception), puts us in contact in unconscious way, with any significant figure in our life: can be that person dropping me well because it has the same look as my mother, but another can’t stand it because it has a few identical gestures to those of a severe teacher I had in childhood (perception of the past). The emotional burden of the perception of the past has been slid to the current perception, modifying it and setting up our phobias and all our you philias.

We are all sensitive to certain topics. If for example, unresolved problems with the first authority (father figure), any stimulus that is perceived as authoritarian, have been awaken in us a deep anger. Anger that will be disproportionate in relation to the present moment. As well, in the bosom of a psychotherapy, these distortions come into the category of true disorders of perception, because it loads the pathological and suffering they entail, is ultra-high for patients. Let’s imagine that we have suffered a few years ago, a very bulky car with rollover included accident and that what we remember most of it, is the strong smell of gasoline and panic that we felt to imagine the possible fire from the vehicle.

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