The Kitchen

It is although freshly prepared, but the processed products are as fresh, is a different matter. For example vegetables lose very quickly large parts of its valuable nutrients. Here is preferable to a method, to process the entire batch, if it is indeed still fresh, and exclusion of oxygen or shock freezing immediately to preserve freshness. To use the wide range of currently available gastro kitchen technology in conjunction with a time decoupled production system, a large number of application possibilities arises. A high degree of preliminary processing is achieved high average level, the easy and planned reproducible is.

After the product development is only slightly and the output in the production of pure no technical know-how required. The implementation of a quality management system at least in the kitchen area, to check the planned processes and continuously improve is advisable from a certain volume. This facilitates the induction and training of new staff and improved find and eliminate errors. QMS and existing HACCP concept can be integrated into each other and thus also support the risk – and claim management. Other aspects of this topic are standardization, cost-cutting and individuality of the offer and of course the technical implementation, which could not be represented at this point. It is important to recognize that with a consistent implementation of the Vacu-Cook & chill systems calm and concentration in the kitchen is coming. What comes out of there, then, is a stable, above-average quality level – every day. There, the stressed-out owner / restaurateur may finally freely allow two or three days. Happy family, the staff are more relaxed and sure as this will help the creativity to develop of new offerings. Get free tips and advice on the actual technical implementation. Birk pottery cooking pottery guest robe consulting and service

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