The Man

It is foolish to enumerate when the evidence overwhelms. Only say that its fruit is expert, decanted over generations of harvests. The man, more than guerrero, is a farmer of war, if it is that you like? like me? Turning to the words. But man is hopeful, also be ideas, separate weapons. Exceeded by a small margin of them say that warmongering inclination with the cultivation of their conscience, with his most calm thinking, multiplying their hopes with each period of peace that humanity experiences, with each break of the soldiers (was not choice but to express it well). Going and are you above to resollante body armor, whispering the rest, life, family, the arts, love, peace, a better world, another man, coloridisimos sunsets over a layer of murmullante vegetation of murmullantes animal until Superman resets and is poised again to battle, which is where embodies the deadly human glory, as we mark that also warlike spirit of the Greek. That apparent special status contained a sort of confrontation between a peace poet and philosopher of war.

One who sings to the man and another to Superman, respectively. But I celebrate me and me singing can give to all, even as a preamble to the discovery of Superman. And the thing is presented as there are no outputs. Fate of priests bless fatal gunsmiths. In times of hopes and despairs, the world has had its envoys. Jesus de Nazareth, one of the most emblematic wine. Arrived, emerged his humanist seed, confronts the gendarmes of the Earth, sailed, sowed, preached the fruit and its harvest and, finally, it was set at one higher mast. He lived that lasted the time of rest and reaction of the beasts. However, as we said, the man is a matter of hopes, dreams of change, of invincible fighting also that another small percentage lover of life of which we speak.

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