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Because of this the exact schedule can say that the woman is ready to conceive, only three days per month. How is such an honor will fall days, depending on the length of the menstrual cycle. If ovulation occurs in the middle cycle. And it lasts for 28-30 days, ovulation wait fourteen days after the onset of menstruation, if the same "monthly" visit you every 25 days – will have to release of an egg on the eleventh day. Before conceiving a child to conceive a child, zachatiemChtoby to conceive a child, it is important to be healthy (this remark also applies to men and women). For pregnant women is of particular importance, the condition of the fallopian tubes (they must be flexible, with no restrictions and different kind of obstacles) and the uterus – a healthy and ready to take the ovum. Plus, this woman should be enough good quality cervical mucus that helps sperm to quickly reach his goal. If you thinking about the baby, do not necessarily have a full medical examination.

The exceptions are those women who have had experience ever with gynecological problems, such as infections. In this case, before how to decide on pregnancy, they need to be tested and receive confirmation that all issues are behind us. The rest of expectant mothers before conception rather simple consultation, during which the obstetrician-gynecologist can give some advice. * Lose weight (of course, we are not talking about two to three kilograms, randomly appeared during the holidays).

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