Universal Declaration

A Government that follows a systematic pattern of serious violations to human rights is considered illegitimate by most of the people.This was not always so the progress of a nation in terms of respect for human rights or the lack of this has been an obligated subject of international relations for almost half a century. Before the second world war, the way a Government treated its citizens in its territory was considered as a matter of inherent in their sovereignty, namely the supreme power that each steamship on its internal affairs. What seriously worries as still in the present there are countries still in our continent, which do not respect their commitment to human rights, are run over people, especially, those who disagree with the forms of governing, leaving much to say about this concept that is is always respected and that becomes warranty of freedom, as it is democracy. Please note that human rights have a prominent place in the Charter of the United Nations adopted in 1945. 10 Of December 1948, the General Assembly of the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights. In this complete list of rights was established that the way States treated its citizens is a matter of legitimate international concern and is subject to international standards should be borne in mind that when Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States in 1977, made human rights an international issue. He was who established the theme of universal rights as a priority of the foreign policy of the United States, which encouraged the defenders of those rights throughout the world. Carter tried to isolate the international human rights of the entanglements of politics of East and West in the cold war and of the North-South discussions on economic matters between the industrialized and non-industrialized. This gave new impetus and greater legitimacy to the organizations of human rights across the globe must be present in relation to the scope of human rights, background as it was in the middle of the early 1970s when the topic of human rights joined full bilateral and multilateral foreign policy.

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