Vicious Symptoms

One may be the reason here too the thyroid, because after the pregnancy hormone location changes in the body dramatically. Another reason may be an unrecognized week bed depression that up to 24 months after birth can occur. Much more often starts weeks after birth but 1-2. In addition to loss of energy, listlessness, lack of interest in the child and sadness cause physical symptoms such as dizziness, tremors and even panic attacks. The symptoms persist longer than 2 weeks, patients should seek help with their midwife or the gynaecologist.

In most cases, already an antidepressant treatment helps. Breaking the vicious circle the affected it is usually not possible to break the vicious circle, in which they are trapped. The fear of fear paralyzes them in their actions and action. A psychological treatment is therefore advised. The cognitive behavior therapy achieved good results. Goal is to enable the persons concerned again more confidence convey and ways and means to show how stressful situations in the future can better come to them.

Stress is especially if the expectations themselves against and the demands are too high. Dealing with a panic attack once again occurring can be learned here. The distinction between fear and physically occurring symptoms is important. Under the guidance of physical symptoms be provoked so that the patient can learn to deal with them and again a piece ready to give him control over what happened to him. Just who is the fear and works with her instead of against them, has also long-lasting success. The thyroid gland is responsible for recurrent panic attacks, sufferers with a psychotherapy can learn also to deal, but a correct setting of the thyroid is still essential. An underActive thyroxine is the drug of choice, here, it may take some time until the appropriate dosage has been found. This is done, the symptoms disappear within a very short time.

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