Warm Field

Myth One: What are the electromagnetic field only argument we have not heard about this: the electromagnetic radiation of warm floors are very high, it adversely affects health, etc. This myth is as old as the world, and on this occasion there were many disputes, but still strong minds in the world and have not determined exactly what the exact extent of damage to the magnetic field. Research in this direction are being conducted in all developed countries, every country has certain sanitary standards acceptable levels. In Russia, the allowable values of the electric field embodied in the sanitary norms 2971-84 for residential and is the upper limit of – 500 V / m. On account of the norms of the magnetic field in Russia Currently there are no fixed standards in force. The magnetic field of the heating cable is dependent on the magnitude of current passing through the cable, to be exact, then the power cable and the distance between the cable and the measuring point.

Cable laid the snake with alternating directions of the currents, to reduce the magnetic field at distances comparable with the step placement, but even in the worst case, the magnetic field from the cable system is much lower background The magnetic field of the Earth. If we take the heating cable Wirt, a multicore cable radiates below the maximum allowable rate for a man 60 times, and electromagnetic radiation in a two-conductor 300. The world does not exist yet no evidence of the harmfulness of electromagnetic fields.

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