Wellness Day

The day itself can begin then relax by you just really sleep out. Early risers in the family who should consult, so that the parents may sleep and long cuddle. A common breakfast then heralds the start into the day. Here, the family spirit can be trained by the children must make their final preparations and so deliberately assume an important part at the day spa of the parents. Very important: All day telephone and computer fail, because they are reminiscent of the work and distract. Fresh air for the relationship then it should go out into the fresh air and nature. It is secondary, what is undertaken, mainly, it makes fun of both partners and not reminiscent of work or daily routine.

So that parents with a bad conscience to start the day, in time hire a babysitter. A possibility for relaxing moments for two is for example, a trip to a nearby park, a bike ride or strolling through a colorful, lively market. If the weather does not play with no problem. A museum visit or a long afternoon in the Favorite Cafe offer alternatives for cloudy rainy days. Romantic wellness in the evening after an active day programme a romantic evening is good for two twice. For example, a romantic bath ensures relaxation. Candles, rose petals, pleasant fragrances, or delicious fruit on the edge of the bath about what you like and stimulates the senses, is desirable. A massage should not be missed of course.

The classics are back or foot massage. For those who like something sensual, can use a high-quality Bodyglide example pjur woman for a loving body massage. It nourishes the skin with high-quality ingredients, is exceptionally long mechanical capable of sustained, gives a velvety and pleasant skin feel and whets the appetite for more. Thus, the Wellness Day is perfect and body, mind and spirit are strengthened for the next challenges of everyday family life.

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