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First VeggieFest

Biovegan supports the premiere at the cultural centre Cobra. Events around on the vegan diet are in. Now culture Centre Cobra is organized in Solingen for the first time the VeggieFest. With this public exhibition, the organizer would like to appeal to on Saturday, October 5, 12 pm to 7 pm, people who are interested in a purely vegetarian way of life. The premiere is supported by BIOVEGAN, the pioneer of organic vegetarian diet in Germany.

Over 700 square meters approximately 25 exhibitors showcase a varied program. Organizations, associations and inform visitors about their products and services and give an insight into a form of nutrition, which completely dispenses with animal products. The focus is on that day on the much-discussed topic of sustainability. So inform the dealer and manufacturer of vegan food, shoes and cosmetics. In addition, the current literature on this alternative form of life is presented.

Of course, the guests on the can Also test stands. A vegetarian snack bar offers sweet and hearty to try. Is rounded off the colourful program with a lecture of Ernahrungswissenschaftlers Markus Keller by the Giessen IFANE Instituit titled vegan diet healthier for people and the environment? ” And the Berlin master chef Bjorn Mosch in ski gives tips and tricks for the ambitious cuisine of plants in his cooking show. Another highlight is the motto vegan how?”be related discussion. More and more people are interested in a purely vegetarian diet, vegan is timelier than ever,”says Organizer Joachim Hiller, organized the VeggieFest together with Uschi Herzer and Anja Herrmann from the cultural center of COBRA. For this reason, we organise the first Solinger VeggieFest’. Our visitors can inform themselves on the stands on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle and above all try, because many exhibitors offer tasting appetizers.” Who from noon to the first one hundred visitors counts, has the chance to get hold of the manufacturer of bio vegan food a full bag of vegan tasting packs by BIOVEGAN, among others. Everywhere in Germany vegan street festivals and other events around healthy diet without animal products of a growing fanbase enjoy”, white BIOVEGAN – Managing Director Nicol gardener therefore also we in Solingen, Germany will be there and support this premiere event. Finally BIOVEGAN among the pioneers in the production of organic and vegetarian food. My parents founded more than 25 years of BIOVEGAN ago. Since then we have the development, production and sale of vegan food from controlled biological cultivation prescribed.” The bio vegan food is produced by the 35 employees of the small family-owned company in Ransbach-Baumbach in the Westerwald.

Fashion Shape

Sunglasses – an essential accessory of the summer season 2011. Summer – it’s time for beaches and holidays. In the summer of glasses – it’s not just a part of fashion style, but also protect the eyes from harmful sun rays. In this case it is, of course, talking about good quality sunglasses which are made from suitable materials. Immediately, we note that it is not necessary to buy glasses for 500 rubles. From such an accessory will not be any good. These points only hurt your vision. In the race for fashion – do not forget about your health.

Good points are worth not less than 2,000 rubles. Later in this article, we tell you about the shape and color of fashion sunglasses, 2011. The most fashionable model in 2011 will be a round rim glasses. Points this form may be a classical-sized or very large, so-called half-glasses on the face. This summer will include a fashion sunglasses butterfly. This form designers are advised to wear glasses for women only. Points butterfly decorates female figure, giving it a special playfulness and romance. In the summer of 2011 will lose their popularity score square.

But if this model fits your type of person, it shall not refuse. The summer of 2011 will be a hit Sunglasses with a transparent frame and without decoration. This season should be abandoned and strass stones. Points should be simple without too much glamor and pathos. The main colors of sunglasses of the summer season 2011 – white, black, red, brown. Glasses with bright color and rims are also in vogue. But remember that if you opt for the bright points, your attire should be made in low-key, quiet tones. Trendy summer of 2011 will be dark points, which practically do not let the sun color. Choose color glasses designers recommend the color accessories and shoes. Buy Sunglasses at your face type and according to current fashion trends. But not forget about the quality of this accessory!

Easy Gluten Free Shopping

Gluten free online shop with useful additional features and high user friendliness, the number of people who suffer from celiac disease or sprue, as the disease in adults is called, is increasing. This disease causes, that you not more information are affected of able to digest the adhesive protein gluten. A Zoliakiekranker takes anyway, gluten can cause immune reactions of the body such as nausea and vomiting, bloat, diarrhea, depression, fatigue or listlessness. This necessitates a special gluten-free diet, symptom-free to live. The Bavarian company me takes into consideration the by it distributes a wide range of gluten-free foods of all kinds about his company’s newly launched online-shop. Thus, the company is a competent partner for all those who want to buy gluten-free. The new online shop of the provider already at first sight by its clarity.

The gluten-free food are divided into various categories, which is the customer with just a few clicks on the desired product. Accordingly, one finds for example in the category of “Bread and rolls” gluten-free bread in various variants, in the category of “Flours and ingredients” gluten-free flour or in the category of “Premixes” everything you need, if you want to bake gluten-free. But also, the company with its large product range of gluten-free foods covers all areas. Always different products at a reduced price are also available. These special offers the customer can be displayed via a separate menu item. You can display using an allergy filter also to other allergens filtered food ingredients. Thus, for example, lactose-free, soy-free or vegan food can be found without problems. With this versatile range of gluten-free foods is the product range that offers me its customers, however, still not exhausted.

Continue to distributes various cooking and baking supplies such as E.g. muffin tins. An attractive selection of gift ideas for children and Christmas round off the product range of Deiningen-based provider. The online-shop of the company offers not only a user friendly overview of the available articles, but also offers additional interesting features. Under the menu item “Celiac disease”, one obtains valuable background information about this disease. In addition finds the customer “In the Devil’s kitchen” delicious recipe ideas for the gluten-free kitchen appetizers, snacks and salads main dishes to desserts, cakes and Christmas cakes. This will be required for each recipe, gluten-free food with displayed automatically. In this way, the customer can order the necessary ingredients immediately if a recipe like it. A complete overview of the versatile, interested parties can register under Provide product range of the company, product prices, shipping conditions, etc. The shop specializes in the sales of gluten-free foods of all kinds. An allergy filter the customer can display even after other allergens filtered food ingredients. So, for example lactosefreie, low-fructose or vegan products are offered. In addition, the company has various pastry utensils such as bakeware and ingredients.

Events In Bavaria – Experience Farm And Wellness

Herbal spring by Walpurgis until the Solstice in Amberg-Sulzbach district of Amberg Sulzbach (tvo). Weeds due to! In the Amberg-Sulzbach district one has long since recognized that an herb is up against almost everything. Herbal spring 2010 “so big out getting wild, medicinal and culinary herbs. Between the Walpurgis night of late April and the summer solstice on June 20th, locals and guests of all ages to 31 events around the herb are invited. For children, there is for example a Walpurgis night or a magical afternoon at the adventure farm. Seen in the taste of the field, forest and meadow herbs at a cooking class with previous hike.

A scent tour in Vilseck brings the participants on the traces of the past. At the wellness day in the nursery is cooked to classic sounds with herbs. Creative participants can create a herb spiral or to make their herbal SOAP themselves. Rarities such as the ice plant or the herb also presented a huge herb market Immortality. The program can be downloaded free of charge ordered be 09621 / 10239, at the tourist information Hall Station 2, Amberg, 92224 Amberg, Tel. fax 09621 / 10863,,. Our tip for the month of may: Bockerlbahnradweg: the 48-kilometre Bockerlbahnradweg on a former railway line from Landau an der ISAR of Arnstorf in the Red Valley, where he alludes to the Red Valley cycle path leads through a scenic scenic cultural landscape. The route is family friend I, cosy country inns and beer gardens invite you to a hearty snack..