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Stairs are the main access problem facing a person with disability. The presence of an elevator up or down of plant is essential in the case of persons with disabilities. Despite this, 13% of lifts analyzed by the OCU in 143 buildings are hardly usable, or even impossible to use by a disabled person in a wheelchair. The main reasons were the narrowness of the door and the Interior reduced dimensions. This was the situation that suffered in the Council of Trent, 130 street of Barcelona and Kone, the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and mechanical doors for buildings, has been resolved by installing an elevator KONE MaxiSpace included in the range of lifts that offer a booth larger than a traditional lift in the same hole.

KONE MaxiSpace is designed for buildings that need to install an elevator or modernize that already have so that older persons in wheelchair or families with very young children who need strollers may increase their mobility and enjoy a freedom of movement they had lost. The building was built in 1964 and consists of 21 houses and two local. They already had a KONE elevator by what they themselves contacted the company so consider the project of enlargement. The solution was to install the Maxispace model, also an extension of stop down (Elimination of architectural barriers to the Elimination of 1 section 10 steps). The project was completed in 6 weeks since its inception until the delivery of the lift in operation.

The neighbors are delighted that they have won in accessibility and won’t have to leave your home. There were elderly people who were selling their flats because they could not climb the steps. Also, a young disabled can now leave his house with comfort is very satisfied. About KONE KONE is the global leader in the industry of elevators, escalators and mechanical doors for buildings. Founded in Finland in 1910, celebrates its centenary this year 2010. The company aims to offer the best experience of displaced people, develop and implement solutions that enable people a smooth journey, with safety, comfort and without long waiting time at buildings and increasingly urban environments. The commitment of KONE, in relation with its clients exists for more than 100 years. In 2009, KONE won a total of 4.7 billion euros net sales and has approximately 34,000 employees in 50 countries. KONE is internationally recognized for its quality and innovation awards.

Chang Treatment

The face paralysis is a common clinical disfuno in neurology, and affects the activity of the daily life even though and the professional activity, therefore the face summons discloses it of our expression and is essential part of the communication human being. Among the etiologies they are distinguished: injuries in VII the craniano nerve (face nerve), for vascular tumors, abcessos, afeces or traumas until the idiopticas (Paralysis of Bell) or iatrognicas. Also it has the possibility of that it can occur for primary an inflammatory process, imunolgico or of viral etiology (Fisher, 2003). The objective of this study was to identify resulted that they point the difference of therapeutical reply how much to the intervention in acute and chronic phase, establishing the used acupontos, as well as the contribution of the acupuntura as complementary form and its benefits as technique in the treatment of face paralysis. 2.

METHODOLOGY was carried through bibliographical research in periodic national and the international ones and books. The database for selected articles was Bireme (virtual library), with consultation in the PubMed, Lilacs and SciElo with the following describers: acupuntura, face paralysis, acute phase, acupontos, and its correspondents in English language: acupuncture, face palsy, acute phase, acupoints, of February the April of 2011. The studied articles of face paralysis and acupuntura had been divided in two groups. First inclua texts with aspects anatomical epidemiologists and of the face paralysis and according to the use of the acupuntura in the treatment of the face paralysis. 3. RESULTED the results they had disclosed that the acupuntura, comparative to the treatment for corticosteroides of the medicine occidental person, better has effect in the treatment of the peripheral face paralysis in shorter stated periods. Moreover, it was observed that the acupuntura applied in the acute phase led to the biggest regression of the disfuno. Table 1.