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Salon Interior

Doors today – is the main and obligatory attribute of any interior style. Today there is such an abundance of choice that would not seem difficult to make a choice. But the selection of interior doors at first glance it seems easy. One has only to begin repairs as soon there is the question that the doors came to the future of interior, were strong and high quality. Another important factor the cost of such pleasure. Let's try understand the types, structures, especially internal doors. There are many criteria by which the doors referred to a particular type. 1.

On material used for the production of interior doors: Wood. This door type called simply – the array. These doors are made of precious wood. Wood is shown in the highest quality. Feature of this product is its price. It is important to note that valuable tree species located both inside and outside of the product. The naturalness of an array of doors you can feel – they weigh more. Block doors can become a real decoration of interior and be sure to bring with them into the house of a healthy energy natural wood.

The main merit of these doors is that they will last you for years. Profile (PVC, mdf, particle board.). Veneered interior doors are made from inexpensive and durable material, as a rule, it Fiberboard, particleboard or mdf. Base may be from an array of inexpensive wood. Veneer (veneer) is a slice of precious wood, thickness of about 1 mm, which is glued base leaf. Often, these doors mimic doors of solid wood, but the quality and longevity is undoubtedly inferior. Steel. Strong room doors. Used for the greatest security. As well as fire. Glass. Glass, used in interior doors, can be any color, shape, topography, with any level of transparency. These doors are made of glass triples (a tempered, safety glass). 2. By types of opening: – Swing (odnopolnye and dvupolnye) Sliding (Sliding along the wall, sliding to the wall opening (niche, pocket)) – The emerging 'book' – Salon type (blade can be opened in both sides of the wall opening) 3. In appearance:-Deaf (framed and smooth). Provide insulation and soundproofing. Hinder the passage of light and different smells. -Glazing. Lightweight, transparent doors. In combination with metallic elements are excellent designer incarnations. 4. By ways of filling:-corpulent (filled material completely)-c honeycomb (honeycomb filled from compressed cardboard). In general, the criteria for classifying the door to a certain category (type) a lot. Functions of modern interior doors can be listed for very long. This reliable, easy maintenance, and ease of opening, environmental and durability Doors today – it is also design work, which necessarily will decorate your home.


Every room needs a good microclimate. Damp, stuffy room can cause poor health of people and damage imuschestva.V construction is particularly applicable to the level of humidity, and the repair premises are often problems associated with high humidity. All mineral building materials (cement, plaster), such as concrete, brick and stucco emit moisture into the room you want to delete otherwise be infringed technology standards. For quick drying materials is recommended to use dehumidifiers. The use of industrial dehumidifiers on construction sites significantly reduces the time Construction: construction dries quickly. Improves the quality of finishes: plaster, paint, wallpaper, ceiling and floor screed dried evenly. Power consumption when using the dryer is much lower than during the heating air heat gun, or removal of moisture ventilation.

The use of dehumidifiers in the store normal functioning of the warehouse is very important in air temperature and humidity in it. High humidity there is the threat of damage to the goods in a warehouse: bulk materials become compressed, metal rusts, wood and fabric covered with mildew and rot, cardboard boxes are deformed. In winter, the desired level of humidity (50-55% or lower) can be maintain the overall ventilation with heated fresh air. In summer, when air temperature rises to 25-30 C and the humidity to 90% of incoming outdoor air, on the contrary, it becomes a source of moisture. The only way to reduce the humidity in the warehouse during the summer – to use dehumidifiers. The use of dehumidifiers to optimize the parameters of ventilation, reducing energy consumption. With insufficient power ventilation or lack of maintenance of a given humidity and temperature in the room is only possible with the use of dehumidifiers. Drier in the summer – the only way to reduce the humidity in the warehouse.

Drier in the winter allows for 20-70% reduction in energy consumption to maintain optimum moisture in the warehouse. The use of dehumidifiers to remove the effects of flooding Industrial dehumidifiers Kroll have been successfully used for drying buildings subjected to flooding for any reason. They would reduce economic loss due to floods, accidents, water leakages in industrial plants, warehouses and residential premises. The most powerful model of Kroll dehumidifier removes up to 120 liters of water per day and allows you to quickly dry the premises and found in it the objects after the flooding. Weight dryer does not exceed 65 kg, it is compact and requires no installation. This gives the opportunity to quickly deliver a dehumidifier to place of flooding and to start work immediately to remove excess moisture in the room.

Intragastric Balloon Nonsurgical Treatment

Intragastric balloon, obesity treatment without surgery is a treatment program for weight loss for obese or overweight. The intragastric balloon device causes weight loss due to a feeling of fullness that reduces the amount of food consumed at each meal. Information silicone intragastric balloon, duration: 6 months implantation through the mouth sensation of early satiety decreases the rate of emptying of the stomach not requiring surgery do not involve the use of drugs long-term intragastric balloon Diet During the first few weeks are very common nausea and vomiting because the patient does not adapt to adequate food to their new situation. It is preferable to start with a liquid diet, followed by the gradual introduction of a diet soft crushed to get to eat solidos.Se works with different food textures (from certain cooking, flavor and concentration), with a duration of time determined in each one of the phases, depending on the patient. The dietary protocol phases are three: Stage adaptation: Whose objectives are to adapt to the ball, to prevent nausea and vomiting, pain, and prevent dehydration. BIB Stage: Whose goals are massive weight loss through diet and exercise, establish new eating habits and life, and maintain good health. Maintenance stage: Whose goals are to continue weight loss and maintenance of acquired habits. Once the treatment and got the right weight, the patient usually does not recover lost kilos, because during the time that has been on a diet, has learned to eat and has been acquiring correct eating habits How it works The intragastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon expandable enters the stomach through the mouth without need for surgery and sedation.

Warm Field

Myth One: What are the electromagnetic field only argument we have not heard about this: the electromagnetic radiation of warm floors are very high, it adversely affects health, etc. This myth is as old as the world, and on this occasion there were many disputes, but still strong minds in the world and have not determined exactly what the exact extent of damage to the magnetic field. Research in this direction are being conducted in all developed countries, every country has certain sanitary standards acceptable levels. In Russia, the allowable values of the electric field embodied in the sanitary norms 2971-84 for residential and is the upper limit of – 500 V / m. On account of the norms of the magnetic field in Russia Currently there are no fixed standards in force. The magnetic field of the heating cable is dependent on the magnitude of current passing through the cable, to be exact, then the power cable and the distance between the cable and the measuring point.

Cable laid the snake with alternating directions of the currents, to reduce the magnetic field at distances comparable with the step placement, but even in the worst case, the magnetic field from the cable system is much lower background The magnetic field of the Earth. If we take the heating cable Wirt, a multicore cable radiates below the maximum allowable rate for a man 60 times, and electromagnetic radiation in a two-conductor 300. The world does not exist yet no evidence of the harmfulness of electromagnetic fields.

Treatment And Medication

Model Elements PRO model: P (problem) – The problem. R (remedy) – translation of the word – "a means of treatment, medication," but in Russian-speaking environment, familiar with the model used specialists the word "decision". O (outcome) – Result. Problem Solution Result PRO model is built on the premise that the client during the session gives the linguistic cues that allow you to decipher what it was he who puts coach: problem, solution, the desired result, or a mixture of them. Identifying linguistic signals (words client), coach of the charges against him the words he creates for clients individual questions. Moreover, questions that allow the client to successfully transition from the problems or solutions to the state of the desired result. Model PRO, or rather the ideology of compulsory transfer problem task (goal), in my opinion, is not the opening of the British authors, all schools of coaching, in one way or another, talk about the importance and necessity of working in coaching is to the purpose and result.

All schools offer their students own work, tools for such work. But if a coach uses in his work or PRO model uses different models and tools, for it is important to distinguish between the ability of state: problems, solutions and results. How can identify these conditions, how to recognize when a client says about the problem, when a decision or does he say about the result? How to recognize a problem? The first and basic rule defining the problem: the problem is a problem, unless the client says so.

The Danger Of Alcohol In The Cold Season …

Drinking alcoholic beverages during the cold season can be deadly. Alcohol does not warm! Death in the cold while intoxicated occurs much more frequently and more quickly than in a sober state. That should be aware of the effects of alcohol in a cold environment: 1. Once in the brain, alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Caused by alcohol intoxication suppresses narcotic often even self-preservation instinct, reduces perception of pain signals hypothermia. Often drunk, freezes in the cold, because it did not feel cold to sleep, as the alcohol in an uncontrolled situation, the brain does not perceive any pain signals, no signals of low temperature. 2.

Alcohol does not warm in the cold, but merely creates a false sense of warmth. When extreme cold alcohol, briefly expanding the blood vessels and increases the speed of blood circulation, creating the illusion of warmth. When contact with alcohol in the blood starts transient vasodilation. This process is accompanied by improved blood flow to the extremities, which causes the initial and the expected effect of rewarming in the cold. Therefore, drunk people on a cold start to unbutton his jacket, which can not be done, because then the vessels are narrowed, and the body loses heat very quickly cooled. 3. Sensitivity to alcohol drunk increases with change in ambient temperature. When the drunken man out in the cold to warm room, he got drunk even more, exacerbating the above-mentioned effects of alcohol on the body.

4. Receiving a small number of alcohol in order to reduce the influence of cold on the body is permissible, but only after hitting a man in a warm room. 5. To warm in the cold should be applied to foods rich in animal fats and very hot sweet tea. Prefer to warm in cold weather so dubious means such as alcohol, by and large are the only people to justify their regular use of alcohol in every possible way. A it already points to the existence of problems in the relationship with alcohol. In either case, consultation with a specialist, not only does not hurt, but also may help detect disease at an early stage, which will contribute to effective treatment alcoholism.

Private Spa

Implementation of a private oasis with a classic Finnish sauna as a centerpiece just come more and more people on the idea, to satisfy the desire of the own wellness oasis in the home in the cold season. A sauna is usually the centerpiece of the Wellnesswunsches. The price of a sauna facility is an important criterion, but, but, the quality plays an important role. Should you can also adapt the sauna of the planned environment. Conclusion: Something should be and not “off the shelf”.

When building a sauna there are many things, which fall at the first glance at first not in the eye. The layman while facing questions such as the correct location, the appropriate wood, the choice of the technical equipment or the correct construction of the individual parts, so that the sauna is even after years still to the pure joy and not problems due to planning errors, which can no longer be corrected. Sauna farmer solution different concepts for the realization of the various construction projects are for this. Whether in a sauna in particular the experience plays for private users or in the commercial area, important for the choice of the right partner. A reliable partner for the construction of the sauna is for example the company apart-sauna, whose Inhaber plans saunas for over 30 years, designed and builds a. “The advice is always paramount and is the basis for all further measures.” explains Dieter Tietjen, owner of apart-sauna. “Many customers underestimate this important spatial conditions and requirements for a controlled air exchange.

So only a good and healthy climate in the sauna can occur when sufficient oxygen-rich air is fed”. Before however, the skilled person can start with planning, basic considerations should be made: where is the best location for the sauna system? In the basement, attic, or in the bathroom? The sauna should be simple, or do I put special demands on the Visual design or the technical equipment? These basics are understood, it is Contact person at apart-sauna in able to create a proper planning with indication of costs. Information has a 30 years experience in the planning, development, and manufacturing of equipment for saunas more on description of the company the company apart-sauna for private and commercial use. Apart-sauna products are taking the high level of quality and manufacturing standards, made with carefully selected materials and manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of the German of sauna. At apart-sauna, you will find the classic sauna, but also individually equipped design sauna as element- and solid wood sauna (block log sauna). As the garden sauna Sauna outdoor. Sauna accessories from the sauna control to the heater, concentrate for infusion and much more. Company contact: APART-SAUNA Tietjen Walter width 10 34346 Hann.


You have to use all your conviction, your faith, your confidence, your acceptance. To change the perspective, you’ll see amazing results.You must be aware that even though you’re still, not as you want to, you are on the right track to reach the goal successfully. Enjoy it now. You set the limits. LIMITATIONS – I do not think that you can get my weight loss.-born fat and will thus continue. all my life-do not know if I can with diet-my fat is by Genetics-is difficult and costly to lose weight-am fat for anxiety-failure whenever I want to lose weight.-it is very costly exercise.-for more, and I feel guilty-not my family supports me and why I gain.

POSITIVE changes – I trust in me and I’ll have the body I want.-from this moment on, I will have the appearance desired.-change my habits to stay healthy.-choose the ideal weight for me-is easy and pleasant to meet my goal-I control my body, to see me well.-Tomo proper decision, to achieve your dream body-go for a walk and enjoy the scenery-how what I need and I am happy.-have sufficient faith and strength to achieve my wellbeing. These both phrases LIMITATIONS and positive TRANSFORMATIONS, they serve only as a guide to start a reflection about our emotional state and able to properly decide a plan of action for successful weight loss. You can choose some of these positive sentences, with which you identify and work with them. A good way to start is looking for a place where you are comfortable / at and then, with your phrases written on paper, read aloud from 3 to 5 times a day, for a month. You must do so with faith and conviction. WRITE your METASToma pen and paper.

This exercise is very powerful, because when writing your goals on paper, you are committing you to yourself. So you will keep you focused on your goal of weight loss, since you can resort to all the times that you want to motivate you. These notes can put them in visible places (refrigerator, Agenda, mirrors, etc.), as a reminder, so crave a new daily habit. Ponle date to TUS METASEs important that you define the result as you want to have in the short term, medium- and long-term, will serve you to commit yourself and motivate you in weight loss. To finish I would like to share with you these videos, that can help you to better understand the importance of this information.Jhon Gabriel in his book, one of the things that speaks, is something called mental obesity, and they are the beliefs that prevent us from weight loss. And beliefs are really filters of reality, so what you mean by this, is that if you don’t believe that something may be possible, you avoids that experience of weight loss to occur.