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Pregnancy Planning

Researchers concluded that a planned pregnancy and childbirth a positive impact on the physical condition of the female body. Scientists from the University of Texas in the United States attempted to determine the ideal age for women birth of their first child. According to American doctors, the most appropriate – for the health of the woman – age for conception is equal to 34 years. Scientists attribute this to the fact that it is at that age is reached optimum balance between women's health and its physical facilities. Although there are scientists who do not share this view. Researchers at Oxford University say that after 35 years of a woman becoming less prolific, so the woman who gave birth to her first child in 1934, will not be able to have a second before 37 or 38 years – and at that age a pregnancy is difficult.

However, John Mirowski University of Texas to argue with critics do not want and something even agree with them: 'It is clear that the reproductive system begins to wane with age, and therefore risky to postpone conceiving a child. Need to find a balance, weigh various problems. " Mirowski argues that his study only indicates that you should not be afraid to give birth after 30 years. Usually, women worried about possible health problems, but, as claimed by the author of the study, social and economic benefits associated with the transfer of birth at an older age, compensate for the aging process. Female brain receives additional forces in that period usually begins when the deterioration memory inherent in adulthood. Thus the extended mental health of women.

Gifts From Colorado

Did you ever talk about the diversity of the insect world with keen gardeners? No? You know, perhaps, and do not try. Will chant the beauty of butterflies – and hear about the damage that causes annual caterpillar lovingly cultivated plantings. Chafer, too, does not awaken in them memories of childhood, in which many of us are tied to the legs of these beetles thread and walk them on a makeshift leash. And so what you hear in the address the State of Colorado, who "gave" gardeners of the famous potato beetle And none of your assurances that this state still has a right to exist and there are a lot of good, interesting and beautiful unlikely to soften their hearts. But Colorado – not a hotbed of nefarious beetles arriving to dine foreign potatoes, and this is an innocent victim, one might say, a fellow-sufferer! In xix century the state was subjected to this invasion beetles from Mexico. After this devastating raid beetle was named "Colorado", and the state in the minds of men became associated exclusively with a striped fan of potatoes.

Let's go to Colorado to then argued to uphold the good name of the state. Virtually the entire state is located in the mountains, and virtually all of its territory for at least rises a mile above sea level. Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau is largely identified the main directions of development of the state's economy. From the beginning settlement of these lands are mined minerals, and the oldest and the chief industries of the state is mining.

Medical Sciences

Because of this, "Vineks" more efficiently reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, cleanses sosody, lowers cholesterol, neutralizes free radicals and, most importantly, slows the aging process and prolongs life so 'VINEKS' as part of treatment – preventive diet: protects blood vessels, heart and liver, increases efficiency and endurance, improves skin tone and, gives courage and good humor. Composition 1 capsule contains: Powder fine grape 162.50 mg Grape pomace 87.50 mg SHEVITON EXPERT OPINION: Academic Valentin Pokrovsky. President of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences: 'A generalization of the results of clinical and biochemical studies of tens of thousands of people across the country can claim: lack of intake of micronutrients – passion massive and permanent, adverse effects on health, development and viability of the entire nation. " Among the personal care and cosmetics, we most often buy-care hair. Shampoos, creams, masks, lotions, conditioners, dyes, hair sprays – for adults and children, men and women. The whole arsenal in the house of any modern man. And it is – not counting the time and money we spend visiting hairdressers, where our hair cut, color, placed and treated. Why we pay so much attention is the hair? As a person, they are always in sight, so are an integral part of our image.

Beautiful, brilliant, well-groomed hair talk not only about the accuracy and indifferent to the opinion of others – that is at once characteristic personality – they are also a reflection of our physical health and viability. From time immemorial, the beautiful and healthy hair were considered the chief ornament women and men for hair loss due to alopecia is always serious psychological test. Especially if it is not about age-related changes, and of premature Alopecia or hair of the disease, ie, alopecia. Alopecia may be due to genetic factors and diseases that affect the whole body or skin diseases.

Canarian Town

Serafim Canarian Da Silva, in the year of 1952 led a group of family that they had started arriving sessas to terrar for it comes back of 1953, being that from there other families northeasterns they had also been if fixing in the place developing the extrativista activity of chestnut-do-Par, this extrativista process increases as much that the advance contributes for the sprouting of a known town as ' ' Center of the Latas' ' this term was used for the fact of the immense amount of spread kerosene cans in the fronts of the houses of the town and that they were used in the collection of the chestnut. With the coming of a known priest in 1955 as Frei Gil of the Dominican order that carried through the work of evangelizao and catequese of the natives of the region the church catholic it starts if to install in the town that soon passes if to call ' ' They are Domingos' ' in homage the image of Are Domingos de Gusmo brought for Frei Gil, being that the related saint started to be padroeiro of the locality that passed to be known as ' ' They are Domingos of the Latas' ' pejorativo term for that they liveed in the locality. In years 70 They are Domingos passed for considerable a population increase due to opening of the Transamaznica where if they had installed encampments for the workers of the Contractors in the place where today the headquarters of the city meet. Atrelado to this I pan it event and the wooden extration had fomented and stimulated the migration considerably each bigger time of people for this region increasing the population of the town that belonged to the City of Is Joo of the Araguaia. With the fast growth and development of district started to have claims for the autonomy politics since the locality sheltered the majority of the traders and producers of Are Joo of the Araguaia.

Importance School

It is necessary to offer the professors, for example, qualification courses so that the educators if feel? in fact thus it is? chemical preparations for one better application of the contents to discipline and pedagogical in classroom, make as well as it adjusting them with the reality of its pupils. To materialize the longed for school she is necessary, in accordance with the results gotten in the present research, a persistence of the center directory in a sincere shelter and fraterno not only of educating, but of the family as one all, aiming at with this, to open the physical and affective doors of the school? thus generating, a reciprocal relation of school x external community. It was concluded, also, that the school must be attractive for the eyes of its pupils, must be a place where it wants to be not for imposition, but for option, for independent conscience of that there it is its place, its stairs for a solid and beneficial future: a place in which simultaneously dreams can be planted and carried through. For in such a way, it is essential that if it not only makes a work of awareness of the importance and the constructive value of the school with the alunado one, but also, with the parents of these pupils, guiding them of the concrete possibilities of life that its children will have when and only when they live and they interact in the pertaining to school environment, rescuing, thus, the paper of the education as transforming agent of a life, pparently, without perspectives.