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New Year

As a rule, go shopping at weekends, when shopping malls are full of people. In the cold season (eg, on the eve of Vichy Normaderm (night and day), which has quite a strong effect and is only suitable for those who requires a deep skin cleansing. But after the skin should be well enough to moisten. As already mentioned, after the scrub is necessary to use a hydrating mask. With their help not only clean skin, but also increases blood flow to the skin, so she gets a fresher look. The general advice – masks should be thick in the hardening process they absorb fat. All procedures for the care of a person to carry out regularly, even if your oily skin will always look clean and well maintained.

The Acid-alkaline Balance – As A Way To Defeat Cancer

So many people have heard about acid-alkaline balance of the environment. But what is it and how it contributes to the preservation of our precious health, few know. It turns out that when these two components are in equilibrium, chance of getting cancer is reduced to a minimum. Parasites – worms and fungi, entering the body, causing a sharp change in pH or an alkaline or the acid side. Understand what your body is a preference chooses, it is possible, having determined to taste preferences. If you prefer to eat sour, then you have exceeded an alkaline environment.

And if you just can not do without the sweet, keep in mind you have excess acid and lack of alkali. For an objective to identify the acid-alkaline balance is desirable to pass urine for analysis. Spend a fence urine at 6 am and 14 noon. Normal rates – 6.2 for the early morning, daytime and 6.4 for urine. If predominant acidification, the figures are respectively 4.8 and 5.0. if the body is experiencing an excess of alkali, the figures are respectively 7.6 and 7.8. Restore acid-alkaline balance can be using herbs.

Alkali neutralized with herbs – valerian, marjoram, St. John's wort, nard, calendula, nettle, raspberry, coltsfoot, birch buds, mint, dandelion, celandine, sage, eucalyptus. If the predominant acidic environment, it will help neutralize the sweet flag, hawthorn, cranberries, strawberries, gooseberries, burdock, mistletoe, shepherd's purse, wild rose, fennel, etc. These herbs must accustom himself to brew the tea and eat regularly. Many of these herbs are sold in pharmacies in the form of tinctures, and their only side effect is to restore the acid-alkaline balance. If you have the morning there is a need in a cup of strong black coffee without sugar and cream, which will give courage and lift forces alert – your body is strongly acidified. Help restore an alkaline environment may be dairy products, cheese, green vegetables, vegetable oils – olive, sunflower, corn and butter, some cereals – rice, millet, semolina, wheat, vegetables – beets, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic, squash, fruit – bananas, peaches, raspberries, tea, and wine, liqueurs, vodka and cognac, of course within reasonable limits. Do not forget the herbs. Acidic environment activate a variety of fried foods, as well as rye, buckwheat, beans, tomatoes, dairy products, nuts … So, contributing to acid-base balance of the environment, we can put down malicious cancer cells, which are in any healthy body. For the successful digestion of food, it is necessary that it be properly crushed and watered with saliva in the mouth. In order to keep the teeth in order, we must remember that the dental clinic create all conditions so that our teeth are healthy. And good dental care enables us to constantly take care of dental health, including, if necessary, and prosthetics.

Romantic Advent

Wellness holiday in the advent time at wellnesshotel24 can book your perfect break before the, wellness holiday in the advent season most be perceived as stressful, for Christmas. The atmospheric Christmas is perceived by many to be the quieter and besinnlichere time and enjoyed. Magical Christmas markets in the cities. Scents of gingerbread and spices are in the air and Christmas sounds mood for the Christmas holidays. Time to stop and enjoy a weekend of Advent.

Winter collection has kept and showed some local the landscape in crystalline white. When and where else could you combine better spices, candlelight and contemplation with a spa vacation as in the run-up to Christmas? Rothaargebirge, Luneburger Heide, bad Gogging in Bavaria, Tyrol, Salzburg, or the Ore mountains in the most beautiful regions of Germany is diverse and wonderful relaxing advent spa services of vacationers. Loving Christmas decorated Spa Hotels already when entering the Spa receives the Holidaymakers the pre-Christmas mood. Lovingly decorated halls, candles at the reception and FIR jewelry. Wonderful gourmet menus, adapted to the winter regional cuisine. Wellness means comfortable tailored spa treatments, which blend beautifully in the pre-Christmas period during the advent season.

While the Christmas market is the gingerbread scent in the air, winter spices fit quite wonderful massages and baths. Aroma baths with cinnamon and anise. Massages with oil, Scrubs with Christmas fragrances or a dip in chocolate, this is wellness during the advent season. A final sauna session strengthens then for the upcoming visit to the Christmas market. In the snow of winter wellness pur is perfect winter sports link to a wellness holiday in the season of advent can be wellness. Some regions of Switzerland, Germany and Austria guarantee snow almost, so almost certainly found a wintery white landscape in December. Appreciated for excellent winter spa services include the Ore mountains, Carinthia in Austria, Styria, the Dolomites and the southern Harz. Whether cross-country, downhill skiing or tobogganing, snow shoe hiking or snowboarding, the numerous winter sports facilities offer the perfect winter sport for all winter sports. And who likes it very comfortably and quietly, just wandering the wintry landscapes, breathe the cold air and enjoy the crunch of snow under her shoes. After the winter sports a visit to the sauna lends itself and then you can enjoy the winter dinner menu or a pre-Christmas buffet of the hotel. Wellness holiday advent offers book at wellnesshotel24 the German booking platform for spa vacation in Germany, Austria and offers a variety of different Spa advent offers of Switzerland and other countries, wellnesshotel24, for the winter season 2013/14. Really beautiful wellness hotels in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and other countries invite to a romantic advent Spa. The night included free use of the wellness area is available from euro 91,-per person in the south Harz. Romantic cuddle weekend, sporty winter holiday with visit to the Christmas market or culinary wellness get away wellnesshotel24 offers holiday offer for every vacation desire during the advent season. Enjoy gentle candlelight, gingerbread, and the scent of cinnamon, hours of peace, contemplation and care is the advent time from its beautiful side.

Wellness Hotel

Relax in the wellness – how to! The term of wellness has become in recent years to an absolute fashionable term. It has a veritable wellness industry evolves, the holidays? ber drinks? drinks up to clothing almost all offers. Many consumers are doing but not dar? ber aware, what is exactly behind the concept of wellness. To make the industry more transparent, it is important that especially in non tourist areas clear is communicating, what it actually has before him. H? n is often? truth not? everywhere where Wellness it there also Spa. Reason? addition is that a healthy wellness using food, massages, sport, di? ten and Naturn? he a Wohlgef? hl f? r K? erm body and spirit? prints. Wellness in the tourism industry, especially in the tourism sector is the wellness of gro? he important and numerous hotels available? gen? ber excellent offers.

A holiday in the wellness hotel allows to disable it to stressed vacationers, to use mouse? teeth to let and K? to bring body and soul back into balance. Such a short break offers the ideal Opportunity to distance from everyday life to win and get f? r a few days to relax. The advantage of wellness is that one daf? r not far to travel. In Germany, there are numerous excellent wellness hotels, the its G? sten a wide range offer, which includes everything from massages and sauna to yoga and Scrubs. In Germany, especially the State Mecklemburg Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has established itself as popular wellness. Whether classic or modern, typical North German or exotic, no Wellnesswunsch remains unerf the vacationers? llt. Also, the Spa in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania not only begins at the hotel entrance. G? ste k? tonnes in the wild come to rest, connect sports curiosity with cultural interest and everyday? throw over Board.

The spas and castle hotels in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania received their G? ste with incomparably pure air and endless expanse. K located directly on the sea? can G? ste promenades and Seebr? press can breathe in the healthy sea air and to calm down by the endless expanse of the sea. Inland, however, enchants visitors with peace of mind and an idyllic landscape. Beware of false spa services leisure m? must be prior to departure exactly? ber the gew? desired Wellnesshotel inform, as also in the tourism sector is not equal to wellness wellness. Many accommodation operators use the wellness trend term only, to attract more tourists. Since the term is not honored? is appreciated and it is not legally regulated, what has to offer a Spa Hotel, k? can be even small family pensions or Urlaubsbauernh? fe Wellnesshotel call. This MI? need of the term is always problematic, because customers in the? robberies? llten market quickly lose the orientation and simply run astray? hrt are k? tonnes. Therefore is that one must study well as tourists, to not irref? to be leading and simply false advertising claims to the victims.

Truly radiant Dentures

Every mouth is unique. When tooth loss implants is not always of immediate replacement. Dental Advisory clarifies the possibility of cosmetic treatment in advance. Enlightenment is the”half”and the choice for a person interested in implant difficult teamed a lot since the first development times of implantology about 40 years ago in relation to this form of cosmetic dental treatment. Titan established himself as material for the artificial tooth roots, because it causes no rejection reaction by the subsystem of the teeth. Ceramic implants could not prevail because of defective material properties. Blade implants were prone to breakage and not prevailed.

Zirconium oxide ceramic is expensive and has similar high-quality features such as titanium. The optical impression of such implants is fantastic even when thin gums. The cylindrical and helical implant shape promises best success for long-lasting durability of the implants for about 20 years. The choice of the patient confirmed the treating dentist only if the desired shape of the implant poses no risks. Risks when implanting third teeth – low, but needs to be explained implants during an operation always used.

This surgery itself represents the main risk for the patient. Complications can occur especially in the lower jaw when a nerve is injured during cosmetic treatment. Numbness in Chin or lips is the result. Inserted implants in my own teeth, a risk rarely, they are injured during the procedure. In the short term, after bleeding, bruising, or swelling may occur after surgery. This is normal as in all operations and usually quickly subsides. Also subsequent nausea and headaches are no reaction on the use of the implants, but a possible incompatibility of anesthetic and of short duration. Rare wound healing disorders can occur, which can be effectively addressed with oral hygiene and other treatment. Types of implants and their suitability for patients a well grown, otherwise healer subsystem allows the use of immediate. However, bone structure and gum condition only when less than 50% of patients for immediate use of the durable third suitable. Particularly easy, a Sofortimplantat can be used when tooth loss by accident. Because the tooth of a mostly trouble-free environment was lost, only a small hole is present, that ensures quick healing of the implant. A tooth loss occurs more frequently after dental and gum disease. Here, the usage of Sofortimplantats is unsuitable. Then, a prolonged period of healing should be accompanied by the dentist. After the inflammation, he checks the bone and environment condition and decides whether an implant at all should be used and if so, when. Successful evolution of implantology by one expensive fashion beautiful tooth replacement Implantologists have today thanks to the rapid progress in this area with far fewer complications for patients to sue. The better Materials, careful pre-and aftercare, the comprehensive patient education and the experiences in this area have made towards simple bit attractive other tooth replacement implants. Yet always different pricey can become much more people afford implants than just 40 years ago – and do it well. The reason is simple: well-maintained, they are more resilient than bits, interference-resistant during regular check and clean visually by the own permanent teeth cannot be distinguished. Implants are long since no expensive fashion. You gradually become an obvious form of lifelong tooth replacement. Annette Bankey for: dental care centre Munich

Association Hamburg

More and more patients take their empowerment into their own hands. A central source of information is the Internet, which among other things also provides access to numerous patient brochures. Caution is advised in the selection: some materials are outdated and therefore only conditionally can be used. Already discussed elsewhere ( the problem of outdated patient information brochures. Increasing the number of people who search the Internet for information about their disease, and justifiably, they expect that the brochures offered as download up to date are. This category includes information materials from the year 2012, at brochures before that date, it will become increasingly critical.

A non-representative and thematically-specific research, however, shows that caution is required with regard to the timeliness. Here are some examples (elevation stand: 23.04.2013): therapies for renal failure, Federal Association of kidney, 2001 high blood pressure: useful information for patients and their families, Technician insurance 2009 what is asthma, MSD 2009 depression: advice for sufferers and their families, about urinary problems in Crohn’s disease, blood clotting disorders, Hexal 2008 2009 Parkinson’s disease, SERVIER Desitin 2009 live better insulin, diabetics Association Hamburg, 2004, but also educational content on Web pages are often older date. An example is the patient information leaflet osteoporosis ( the Federal Association of physicians, which dates back to the year 2008. Much of the information have certainly still substantive justification and are not wrong, but in many cases it also not complete.

The central problem of the information provider is that it does not regularly review your offer and that too many people in the Internet work are involved mainly in larger companies. But the coordination and updating is imperative, especially for Because there are pharmaceutical companies, image and reputation at stake. As also the importance of the patient for the companies increases, the quality of information is becoming a competition parameter, only those companies can successfully use comprehensive, understandable and above all currently informing.

The Promotional Trends 2013

Magenta and teal, accurate and high-quality advertising article trends of the year 2013 presents after Europe’s largest advertising article fair PSI. Colours, shapes and functions are also subject such as origin, ecology and security. As a very general trend, we can hold that higher demands are placed on the value of an article as it was the case three years ago. It is not important that an article may 10 things at the same time, but whether while attention was the production on quality, environmental and social standards, so Thorsten Schmidt, Managing Director of Giffits GmbH. quality is crucial brand put in economically turbulent times especially on the added value of quality. The PSI has confirmed this phenomenon.

Especially in foods such as confectionery, tea and salt are organic, production process and origin in the focus of advertising. But even with pens, bags, or mugs is made in Germany or the production from neighbouring countries pointed out. The trend, which to deal with the characteristics of the promotional products that are not obvious, has increased again compared to previous years. “We also experience that our customers increasingly ask where the products come from and how environment and the freebies are health friendly”, so the Giffits Managing Director. We observe that, for example, smaller package sizes or smaller quantities are ordered, but higher quality product option is selected.” “An indication of this trend is the new merger of some producers of advertising goods, the in a common catalogue under the title Deutsche promotional products manufacturers” present. A further merger with the focus ecology and first attempts to develop a European code of conduct for advertising article traders were presented also at the fair. Origin of freebies articles which do not come from the EU, attention increasingly, Western standards of working conditions. Inquiries with the manufacturers showed production facilities, for example, in the Middle East more to accept under the magnifying glass.

Clean Zone On Growth

Clean zone convinces internationalism and increasing numbers of visitors satisfied faces in Frankfurt: with an increase and a high level of visitor satisfaction, the clean zone shows clear growth course. Trade fair and Congress for clean room technology found on the 22nd and 23rd October 2013 for the second time and drew more than 800 participants from 44 countries in the Hall of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds 1.1. The concept of the clean zone of 2013 has risen. The interdisciplinary approach as well as the heightened profile of trade fair and Congress were very well received. We could reach with the event”new target groups from major industries and countries, says Ruth Lorenz, head of new events” at Messe Frankfurt. Overall, the clean zone reported an increase in visitor numbers to around one-third (2012: 600 visitors). The exhibitors praised above all the high quality and internationality of the public: we have made good contacts with the right interests and concrete projects on the clean zone. The visitors did not come only from European neighbouring countries, but also from us new markets such as India, Iran, Egypt, Algeria and Slovenia”, says Nico tain, senior developer at vision competence centre at SAC-Nederland.

The clean zone was established on initiative of the clean room industry by Messe Frankfurt in 2012. The specialized event is aimed at all sectors of the economy, which under clean conditions produced, assembled, packaged or worked. For this, 50 exhibitors (2012: 41) presented this year almost the entire range from the planning, construction and operation of clean rooms to consumables and training. Also the degree of internationality of the clean zone is increased with the number of exhibitors and visitors. So the providers from nine European countries met with fair and Congress participants from around the world. The top-five visitors Nations were the Netherlands, the Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and the United States.

Future perspectives on the clean zone shows Congress Congress went to the second round and 2013 continued its focus on the growing global requirements in the industry and new solutions for the health sector. With the high quality of their lectures, the international speakers underlined the scientific claims of this new platform and harnessed the arc of cross-industry trends to the specialized field of clean room technology. The combination of trade fair and Congress works well: the exhibition shows the Status Quo. The Congress is an important forum for the international exchange in the clean room industry, on which future developments, but also important backgrounds are illuminated,”says Dr. Kai Dirscherl, researchers and quality manager at the Danmarks national Metrologiinstitut. Focus on innovation also the programme of action stage clean zone Plaza was expanded and star-studded panel discussions on current issues in the clean room industry offered in addition to experts and Exhibitor presentations. Another highlight was the presentation of the cleanroom Cleanroom Awards Academy of Leipzig. Winner of the endowed with 3,000 euros Innovation award the project is blue touch innovative concept for cleanrooms”company of Laborial Solucoes p / Laboratorio SA from Portugal. Next clean zone on 21 and 22 October 2014 the next clean zone takes on the 21st and 22nd October 2014 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. All information about the clean zone in Frankfurt also see:

Diagnostic Rheumatism

More than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind the term rheumatism you have rheumatism! “, practically every day, many people hear this diagnosis by your doctor. Before one can understand the exact meaning of this diagnosis, it takes but more detailed information. Often, it starts with pain in the limbs. Muscles, tendons and joints pain. Also the connective tissues can be affected. Rheumatism is the umbrella term for diseases that occur at the locomotor system after the World Health Organization (WHO). Almost always, they are associated with pain and often with movement restrictions.

Main part: essentially four main groups are summarized under the term rheumatism: 1 include all forms of arthritis degenerative joint disease and spinal disorders to diseases that cause damage to the articular cartilage. In Germany alone, there are more than 5 million sufferers, who are generally over the age of 60. Get each due to osteoarthritis Year more than 300,000 patients artificial knee joint or a new hip joint. 2. Metabolic diseases with rheumatic complaints of this Para-rheumatic disease group be assigned to metabolic disorders which cause disorders of the locomotor system. As most common occurring diseases in this group, you can call gout and especially osteoporosis. About 5 million people in Germany are affected, mostly women however.

At the time of diagnosis, the average age is 60 years. 3. Soft tissue rheumatism and pain muscle diseases due to the overuse of muscles, as well as irritation of the tendons and soft tissue arise complaints. Women aged 35 and over are usually among the 4 million affected in Germany. Perhaps the most famous but also very little explored from this category of rheumatism is fibromyalgia. About 1.5 million people should be afflicted an estimated in Germany. 4. Flammable rheumatic diseases this is an system disease, affecting the whole body has. The most common inflammatory disease of the joints is called polyarthritis. A faulty regulation of the immune system is currently accepted as the main cause. Typical symptoms are pain, swelling and excessive heating of the joints. Signs of rheumatism as the clinical picture Rheumatoid can be varied, of course also possible symptoms are as diverse. However, it is possible to provide some clarity with the help of 5 specific questions. Are your fingers stiff in the morning so that you can turn on the faucet, hardly? You sleep for several months without recovery, whereby all tendons, muscles and joints pain?”you wake up regularly at night sleep due to pain after 3-4 hours, which make amends after walking around?” you get after prolonged severe pain in the knees, hips, ankles or toes, which disappear after some movement?”watch swelling in the joints of the fingers and wrists, since few days, and you feel it a whole While not powerful?” Should only one of the listed questions positively be answered, so a doctor should be consulted be sure. If one is suffering from rheumatism, a rheumatologist is in any case to consult. Under the header “The term rheumatism more than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind” informed of this release underlying this article first on the blog health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt